Accessories for Eurocargo


Technology, safety and comfort for today’s driving professionals
At home in the city streets, it respects the environment and people, whilst being both efficient and sustainable. And today, with a wide range of styling, safety and technology accessories, IVECO offers you the chance to personalise your Eurocargo and really make it your own.

New Eurocargo accessories in brief
Having always been a point of reference and a frontrunner in the industry for its winning combination of technology, reliability and versatility, today the new Eurocargo is even more stylish, sustainable, efficient and more manageable than ever. An ideal working partner and a friend to all, the Eurocargo is perfect for the city: it respects the environment, roads and people alike, even in the crowded streets of a busy metropolis. If you want to personalise your vehicle and really make it your own, IVECO Accessories boasts a line of products, which are specially tailored to enhance the aesthetics, comfort, safety and technology of your Eurocargo.

Your Eurocargo accessory benefits
Enhanced security of fuel and goods
A more comfortable and relaxing driving experience
Peace of mind with driving aids and safety features

Take a look at the new Eurocargo accessories catalogue.

The choice is yours. Enjoy your work.