IVECO Android Auto™

Android Auto™ allows to exploit your favourite Android™ smartphone on board of your IVECO vehicle. Drive distraction-free and check your messages, make your calls and track your fastest routes while listening to your best music, all available on the radio screen.

You can control your wired smartphone either by voice or by using soft and hard keys.

Some things you can do with Android Auto™:

  • Simple wired connection with your smartphone
  • Use Google Assistant to control all the major features
  • Avoid distraction by using your apps on the vehicle's screen
  • Listen to your favorite music playlist, podcasts or audible
  • Navigate with Google Maps with improved route and traffic information.

Android Auto™ is a standard developed by Google to play your smartphone's apps and functions on the vehicle's screen: Spotify, Audible, Whatsapp and many others.

IVECO Daily and Way range vehicles are equipped with Android Auto™. Check your smartphone's compatibility to make sure you can use Android Auto™ without any problems. Use is not guaranteed and availability depends on the country.

How to use Android Auto™?

To use Android Auto™, you need an Android™ Smartphone running on Android™ 6.0 or higher, with an active data plan. Please follow the below instructions to establish Android Auto™ connection:

  • Connect your Android™ Smartphone to the vehicle with a USB cable.
  • Download the Android Auto™ app or update to the latest version of the app, if prompted.
  • See the prompts on the phone to learn safety information, accept the privacy policy, and grant the permissions required by Android Auto™ to launch the application.

Once the connection has already been established with the Vehicle, in order to access Android Auto™, tap the Android Auto™ icon on the vehicle display to launch Android Auto™.

Troubleshooting information

If Android Auto projection isn't working,

A. Check with the support team if your car is compatible

B. Check if the device meets the minimum requirement

C. Check your USB cable, a high-quality USB cable is needed and avoid using cable extensions

D. Check your settings if you’re connecting to a second car:

  1. Unplug your phone from the car
  2. Open the Android Auto app on your phone
  3. Select Menu > Settings > Connected cars
  4. Uncheck the box next to the "Add new cars to Android Auto" setting
  5. Try plugging your phone into the car again

E. Restart the car's infotainment system

F. Check with the support team if new firmware update is available

G. Check if the device network works well when using Google Assistant