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  • Technical Support
    • Are you looking for advice on how to repair or service your vehicle? Do you need any technical support about it?

      You can contact our dedicated line 09065511555, where our specialists will assist you with your query – Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 5pm (the applicable rate is 100 pence per minute).

  • Technical drawings
    • Are you looking for technical drawings of an IVECO vehicle?

      If you are a body builder, a dealer or an authorised workshop, you can register on our website IBB on the following link

      If you are an IVECO customer, you can request technical drawings at any IVECO dealership - please click here to find your nearest IVECO dealership

  • Emissions/fuel consumption values
    • Would you like to find out the CO2 emissions level of your IVECO vehicle?

      The only official data available are to be found at for the Daily 3.5t vans.
      For vehicles from 3501Kg upwards (Daily 40C, 50C, Eurocargo, Stralis etc…) there is no legal requirement or legally defined test to which vehicles can be tested so no figures are available. This equally applies to other marques.

      CO2 figures can be calculated using a simple formula related to a vehicles actual fuel consumption, (from road test or a customer’s own actual figures). It is not comparable to the test cycle used for cars and light vans.

      For  diesel fuel the following formulas apply:

      CO2 gms/km = The combined litres per 100km figure x 26.3


      CO2 emissions in kgs = fuel used in litres x 2.63.