​​New CNG Daily Natural Power

The New Daily Natural Power is a natural gas vehicle with dual CNG/petrol power

Designed and optimised for natural gas operation, if it runs out of fuel it automatically switches over to "recovery" petrol mode (with a range of approximately 100 km).

It is available in a range of gross vehicle weights from 3.5t to 7.0t for all versions, making the New Daily uniquely versatile, with chassis cab, van, double cab and half-panel van versions.

The wheelbase lengths range from 3520 mm to 4100 mm for the van (according to GVW), with a cargo capacity of up to 19.6 m3 (unique in its class).

The chassis cab offers wheelbase lengths ranging from 3450 mm to 4750 mm and a body-mounting length of up to 6190 mm (unique in its class).

Iveco is the only full-range manufacturer of light commercial and heavy commercial vehicles to offer a complete CNG range. The Iveco CNG vehicle line in Europe has already reached 10,000 sales, mainly used for urban transport.

Natural gas is one of the fuels of the future - but already today it represents an economical and ecological solution to mobility problems:

• in terms of fuel cost, it allows savings of about 40% compared to equivalent diesels;

• it has the least impact on the environment of any other internal combustion engine (total absence of sulphur, hydrocarbons and particulate in the exhaust and low CO2​ emissions);

• it is quiet (about 5 db less than the equivalent diesel engine);

• it is a safe fuel. The auto-ignition temperature is double when compared to diesel and petrol. The tanks are tested to withstand double the operating pressure. In the event of a leak, the gas disperses rapidly because it is lighter than air.

Natural gas vehicles are allowed to enter underground parking garages, board ferries and above all (thanks to the extremely low emissions) circulate in restricted traffic areas (e.g. congestion zones).

The entire Iveco CNG range is type-approved to Heavy Duty Euro VI.

The New Daily can be driven with a Class B driving licence (up to 3.5t gross vehicle weight).