It’s useful. It’s easy. It’s free!

"MY IVECO" is the new IVECO App purposely designed to create free, direct and easy link between the BRAND and its customers.
The new App gives access to product brochures and to a number of useful information, such as dealers' location, the latest Iveco news and much more.

To get in touch with the IVECO world will be now simpler than ever, thanks to "MY IVECO". The new App offers a very easy and user-friendly platform, yet capable to perform a number of interesting functionalities.

Look at the video to discover more:

All the brochures at your fingertips.
In the Kiosk section, users will be able to scroll among the different Iveco product brochures available for their market, and to consult them in the Library. Brochures can be also downloaded in PDF format and will be sent to the customer by email through a link.
The Library also allows users to read their preferred brochure in off-line mode.

Dealer Locator, news and more.
The Dealer Locator function greatly simplifies the research of the nearest or local Iveco dealer in all countries, while a constantly updated News section brings instantly the latest product and Brand news to the customers' smartphones and tablets.
Info request and other useful functions complete the App's capabilities, which will be further expanded in the very next future.

Download it now for free on App Store or Android market! "MY IVECO" is available in different language versions.

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