Telematic solutions designed to give you full control over your fleet.

Discover how to upgrade your IVECO Elements Maintenance & Repair contract including our telematic services

  • Fuel consumption optimization
  • Location Management GPS historical and real time data
  • Drivers profiling and Drivers skills improving
  • Remote Diagnostics to minimize downtimes
  • Customizable alerts and automatic reports

Data accuracy ensured by integrated telematics, directly connected to the trucks CANBUS.

Fuel Consumption & Diagnostic

Monitoring and optimizing fuel consumption is every fleet owner daily goal.

Rely on remote diagnosis to increase vehicles’ uptime.

Push your business, maximising efficiency and vehicles residual value.

Drivers behaviours

Human factor” is key.
Our telematics focus on Drivers behaviour, improving the driving style, calibrating fuel consumption, reducing downtime and enhancing drivers skills.

Localization & tracking

Intuitive and easy to navigate dashboards and interactive timelines will allow you to monitor and compare past and real time vehicle trips, setting and editing geofences and map layers.