​​​​​​Automated gearboxes

Eurotronic = Comfort and reliability.

EUROTRONIC = Comfort and reliability.

As well as conventional manual gearboxes, STRALIS offers all the technological excellence of the EUROTRONIC automated gearbox with the gear lever built into the dashboard. 
This offers a host of benefits, including a 60 kg weight reduction compared with the manual gearbox, more compact dimensions and a smaller number of pneumatic and electrical connections.

The absence of synchronizers makes gear changes quicker and more secure: 
- The system prevents incorrect gear selection and protects the engine against over-revving. 
- The EUROTRONIC gearbox can be used in fully automatic or semi-automatic mode. 

Automatic gear changes are calculated according to load, traffic conditions and driving style, thereby optimizing vehicle acceleration, fuel consumption and comfort.



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