Evadys H

Evadys H is a bus that opens new perspectives for the service line in the medium and long-haul and short-term tourist use.

Available in lengths of 12 m . and 12.80 m. , shares the characteristics of all vehicles Iveco Bus: design quality , modern style , the high level of interior comfort , performance, fuel efficiency , and not to forget , the ' exceptional reliability.

Evadys H is equipped with a Cursor 8 engine 380 hp. E ' available , depending on the version 6-speed manual gearbox , 4 or 6-speed automatic with torque converter or 12-speed robotized .

These engines , which have an excellent relationship consumption / performance are synonymous with economy and low operating cost.

Another point in their favor is that, like all other engines in the range Iveco Bus, the Cursor 8 is mounted vertically for easy access to the powertrain. To ensure greater protection for the environment and a further reduction of emissions, Cursor engines use SCR system for post- treatment of the exhaust gas emission values ​​raggiugendo to EEV standard for maximum environmental protection.

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