Crossway, available in several lengths - 10,60 m, 12 m and 12.80 m - has a very clear objective: the service line.

Equipped with all the features that distinguish the range vehicles Iveco bus - technological innovation, high quality, reliability and inventive spirit , Crossway also shows the result of an aesthetic based on a solid technical foundation : a design effect and ergonomic qualities that guarantee to the passengers and the driver a constant well-being.
Finally, Crossway combines operating costs absolutely competitive fuel economy and a commitment to the environment.

Safety first: Crossway is designed , like all the vehicles in the long distance range Iveco Bus , in full compliance with the more stringent European standards : R 66 rollover testing , preventive testing accidents, seat anchorages , powerful and effective braking system , ABS and ASR anti-lock and wheel spin .

The structure of Crossway , moreover, is subjected to a treatment that combines anti-corrosion zinc coating to cataphoresis treatment . Finally , the use of advanced techniques such as the assembly rigid structure , the use of vandal-resistant and flame-retardant materials and the presence of protective seals on the pipes and on the sharp edges, helps to strengthen the feeling of security at any point of ' passenger compartment.

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