​​​​​​​​​​Frame and suspension

Solutions for unrivalled robustness.

One of the key strengths of all Iveco vehicles has always been the reliability and robustness of their frames. 

STRALIS frames consist of double-bottleneck, C-section rails made of high-yield-strength steel, and are available in gauges of 6.7 mm for road travel, and 7.7 mm for arduous driving conditions. 

The STRALIS can be equipped with various suspension systems:

- Parabolic 

- Rear air

- Full air

The air suspension is equipped with ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension) for keeping the height of the frame constant in transit and during loading and unloading operations. 

With ECAS, you can adjust frame height, to adjust, for example, the loading height to ramps, or when coupling or uncoupling semi-trailers or swap bodies.

ECAS : Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

It ensures the utmost driver comfort and constant chassis geometry regardless of speed, load and road type. Also acts on the braking pressure, which is delivered in proportion to the load on the axles.



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