Designed around driver comfort.

Climb into the cab of a EUROCARGO, and you’ll see that everything is clear, simple and in easy reach. 

The layout of the functions is simple and intuitive: with all the instruments directly in front of the driver, and all the controls in the steering wheel area. All the most frequently used buttons are grouped together on the dashboard in the most accessible positions, for maximum safety.

The gearstick is built into the compact, linear dashboard, making it quicker and easier to cross from side to another. The storage compartments are located in easily accessible positions, and the interior door panels have large storage pockets. 

The cab componentry and ergonomics are designed to ensure the ideal driving position. You can operate the steering column combination-switch controls without taking your hands off the steering wheel, and they’re grouped together on just two levers, which incorporate the automated transmission gear selector. The seats and steering wheel are easy to adjust.



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