​​The new DAILY is the toughest of medium commercial vehicles, with the most enduring performance. Its strength is based on its chassis. The chassis is made from a C-section ladder frame similar to that employed on trucks. This is unique to the Daily van; its competitors are built using the uni-body construction that is typical of cars. Consequently, the DAILY is the only panel van with gross vehicle weights of up to 7 t and payloads of up to 4200 kg. The maximum front and rear axle loads too are top-ranked in their class.

The new DAILY chassis cab is the most popular base among body builders: it is the toughest and the easiest to transform. In the single cab, crew cab and chassis cowl versions, with single or twin wheels, it can be equipped as a box van, tipper, panel van, camper, minibus, vehicle recovery truck, crane truck, overhead platform and for many other special uses. Its strength means that no job is too great. ​



Technical data sheet