​​​All aboard with the maximum safety

The holiday is a time to be with those you love and choose the maximum security is important.

This DAILY CAMPER offers, in addition to front airbags, side airbags and side guide on the passenger side equipment cabs.
Besides, DAILY CAMPER integrates new solutions that further diminish the risks: new headlights incorporate daytime running lights (DRL) and fog lights (on request) in a lower position Cornering Fog include a feature to illuminate the road following the turning radius.

Strength and solidity to the service of your relaxation
With an optional differential lock, THE DAILY CAMPER offers you a greater traction on surfaces with poor grip, allowing for more comfort and safety of transport.
Rear-wheel drive and differential lock and rear-wheel drive offer maximum traction and are especially popular on campers which generally have a center of gravity further back.


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