The NEW 682 is offered with a driveline equipped with two different types of rear axles:

- Hub reduction

- Single reduction (only for the on-road version)

The wide choice of rear axles ratios enables the NEW 682 to match the market demand for strong traction, high speed, heavy loads and low fuel consumption. 


The NEW 682 Truck tractors adopts a single chassis 8 mm.

The Tipper version have a double chassis rail of 8mm+4mm.


The gearboxes available on the NEW 682 are all about ergonomics and performance. NEW 682 can be equipped with 9 or 12 speed mechanical gearbox depending on the versions and torque required.  

Two different PTO are available to suit a wide range of body applications.


The suspension systems adopted on the NEW 682 assure high robustness and reliability and are available in two different versions: 

- Parabolic spring for enhanced comfort and reduced weight, specifically designed for every kind of mission. 

- Semielliptical spring with exceptional robustness and reliability, specifically designed for extra heavy and tipper missions.