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New Daily: the commercial vehicle that will ‘Change your business perspective’

The New Daily sets new standards in on-board living and driving experience and makes important strides towards enhanced safety features.

The New Daily features a heavy-duty 3.0-litre engine with two power ratings and performance up to 170hp.

IVECO presented today the new Daily light commercial vehicle to the South African market.

Julian Dango, Managing Director of IVECO South Africa states: “We are very happy to be launching the new IVECO Daily at this time, because it is the perfect vehicle now that efficient and effective use of resources is more critical for business success than ever before. The vehicle introduces a host of new features that will make all the difference to our customers. We have also made improvements, and continue to invest, in our service network to ensure that Daily owners in South Africa continue to run profitable operations. We are excited to welcome our existing and future Daily clients to experience business from a new perspective with us.”

The New Daily continues to offer best-in-class payload capacity both in terms of mass and volume, delivering outstanding earnings potential for owners. With payload capacity up to 4.5 tonnes on chassis cab and a volume capacity of 19.6 cubic metres in a ready-to-work panel van, the New Daily is unrivalled.

Nothing has been left to chance with respect to safety. The standard factory-fitted air conditioning provides a comfortable working environment to support attentiveness and reduce fatigue. Steering wheel controls and Bluetooth audio also make it possible for the driver to always keep their eyes on the road, whilst the electronic stability program, ESP 9, provides state-of-the-art active support to avoid accidents. The New Daily is also available with Full LED lights that have a much sharper beam that carries further, improving visibility and obstacle perception by 15%, further enhancing safety in low-light conditions. The Lane Departure Warning System helps the driver avoid unintentional lane changes due to drowsiness, fatigue or distraction by emitting a distinctive sound to alert them and prompt them to adjust. Automatic high beam control provides optimal illumination for highway driving at night whilst avoiding dazzling other road users by automatically turning off the high beam when oncoming traffic is detected. Driver and passenger airbags provide protection if an accident occurs.

The Hi-Matic transmission is now offered across the full Daily range for the first time in South Africa. This outstanding 8-speed fully automatic transmission will greatly improve overall fleet performance by making it easier for operators to drive effectively and will raise the performance of less-experienced drivers in the fleet, putting them in line with the best. Added benefits include a reduction in maintenance effort and cost.

Another first for South Africa is a free 5-year/120,000km service plan, which is now an integral part of the product offering. In addition, a host of maintenance and repair contract plans from IVECO Elements will help owners to control running costs with certainty.

Best-in-class on-board living conditions and functional design deliver comfort, safety and cost benefits

The more compact leather multifunctional steering wheel puts a wide range of controls at their fingertips and leaves more leg room, adding to the overall comfort.

The new instrument cluster features a TFT high-resolution colour display that provides a very user-friendly, intuitive interface with all the vehicle’s key settings and functionalities.

The Daily is instantly recognisable for its design, which has become part of its strong identity. Most importantly, every element of design in the Daily has a clear purpose: from the new lightweight alloy wheels that contribute to optimising the payload, to the LED lights that improve safety and reduce costs, as they don’t need changing for the entire lifespan of the vehicle. The new front grille has been extended to increase ventilation while protecting the engine and radiator. It is also extremely tough and durable as a result of the hot stamping process used to produce it.

Design elements also contribute to the New Daily’s low TCO: the new bumper is divided into 3 sections, so that in minor incidents, which tend to be more frequent in urban missions, only the damaged piece needs to be replaced instead of the whole bumper. This results in significantly lower repair costs – especially since this is the case 90% of the time according to IVECO’s statistics.

World Class Manufacturing and Engineering to the highest standards

The New Daily is manufactured at IVECO’s production plants in Suzzara, Italy, and Valladolid, Spain, which are entirely dedicated to this product family. The two facilities apply the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodology to the highest levels: Valladolid was awarded the Gold Medal on April 3, 2019, in recognition of the best standards in manufacturing for the integrated management of plants and processes, while Suzzara was one of the first plants in CNH Industrial to achieve Silver Medal certification in 2012.

World Class Manufacturing aims to create error-free processes in order to achieve zero defects, zero waste and zero accidents. It is a continuous improvement process that centres on the involvement of every operator involved in production.

This approach has also been extended to the Daily’s Product Development and Engineering processes by introducing the World Class Engineering methodology, which starts from the customer’s requirements to develop the best product that matches them.

The New Daily project has been the focus of the plant’s Engineering and Manufacturing teams for 3 years, and has entailed more than 900,000 engineering hours, 800 virtual and physical tests, 200 prototypes, and more than 3.5 million kilometres of durability and reliability testing. The project aimed to achieve a further step change in quality product behaviour and process efficiencies. A key area of focus for the project was the reduction of product and process complexity while expanding further the extensive product line-up and the key features of the Daily.

New Daily: “Change your business perspective” campaign

The Daily has built a strong reputation for innovation, strength and great customer satisfaction in its 40 years of success. With this latest arrival, once again it raises the bar, with a vehicle designed to help customers operate their business sustainably and profitably. The extensive range of Elements services offers extreme flexibility in order to provide a tailor-made solution that precisely matches the customer’s requirement – changing the way they approach the purchase: not just a vehicle, but a complete package.

The New Daily will also change the everyday life of the driver with all the stress-busting, safety-boosting technologies, and the best-in-class on board living and driving experience, giving them a new perspective on their work.

This is how the New Daily promises to ‘Change your business perspective’, as expressed in the advertising campaign that features the vehicle shown from unusual points of view.