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Iveco Stralis: Efficiency Package
Iveco launches the all new Stralis Efficiency Package, a series of innovations aimed at reducing total operating costs for hauliers on three key fronts: fuel consumption, maintenance costs and a broader product offering.

Iveco's strategy for reducing fuel consumption targets two crucial factors: the vehicle and the driver.

Following the EcoStralis’s path, subsequently continued by the Stralis Hi-Way Euro VI, which led to an overall fuel reduction of 10% compared with the 2007 Stralis, as certified by TÜV, Iveco is now generating an additional reduction of 2% thanks to the introduction of several substantial enhancements.

These include Eco-Roll, which is available with automatic transmissions, improved thermal management of the engine and the use of innovative low-viscosity oil.

Eco-Roll is a feature that allows the vehicle to use inertia to its advantage when travelling on gentle downhill slopes. The system evaluates the road slope and "disengages" the powertrain if necessary, thus putting the vehicle into neutral. At the end of the slope, the system calculates and selects the optimal gear, thus re-establishing normal vehicle operation.

Improved thermal management of engine oil, in combination with the introduction of a new synthetic lubricant, SAE 0W-20, has made it possible to increase drive efficiency, further improving fuel economy.

All Stralis vehicles with Cursor 11 and 13 engines will feature these enhancements.

Whilst these improvements impact vehicle performance, others concern driver performance: an efficient driving style permits fuel savings that are equal to or higher than any technological solution.