Versatility and strength on

Robust, reliable and attentive to every need , the Daily adopts a ladder-frame chassis that provides structural stiffness , fatigue resistance and durability . Precisely for this reason can offer versions cab and box bodies with a maximum permissible weight of no less than 7.0 tonnes , which increases the payload of 470 kg , and with more than 4700 kg of payload of the frame gets a payload capacity better than that of many mid-range vehicles .
Subject of a set of interventions aimed at improving the quality of real and perceived , the Daily now offers , in the van version , a more efficient system of locking of the rear doors , with different choices of the hinges designed to allow operators to opt for one that fits the type of use of the vehicle . Besides the classical position at 180 ° , inclusive of 90 ° opening , borrowed of the Daily, with the new model in fact the opening of the doors can be up to 270 ° with automatic door stops at 90 ° , 180 ° and 270 ° without tie rods, thus making them extremely comfortable to use.
As regards the equipment , the interfacing is facilitated by the optional electronic expansion module that is the essential element of connection with the CAN interface of the vehicle. Outputs include PTO controls , light management, start the engine , electrical insulation and alarm .
She will also set up with fixed body that is factory fitted on the cab versions . There are also boxes with a width of 2140 mm for versions from 29L to 50C and 2300 mm for those from 65C to 70C . This type of construction includes folding steps for easier access , ergonomic handles vertical side and rear load securing devices . Sensitive to the needs of all customers , even those who hold driving license category " B" , the Daily in versions up to 3.5 tonnes offers a tire repair kit instead of the traditional spare wheel , which instead continues to be standard on higher versions . This with the aim to gain space for the payload in cases where it becomes a fundamental element for the choice of vehicle .