The chassis and suspension

The frames of 4x2 trucks, 6x4 and 8x4 are made up of beams with constant section, made of stainless FeE 490 high yield strength (490 N / mm ²), with a thickness of 7.7 mm for the light range and 10 mm for the range heavy. In the latter case, the attacks of the suspension are reinforced. The width is 1.03 m before, to allow the installation of radiators wide, and 0.77 m in the rear, to facilitate the assembly of the equipment and fittings. For this purpose, the side members are provided with plates and brackets bolted to the fixing of the subframes of the preparations. Concrete mixer, the rear overhang is longer.
Suspensions of the Trakker "light" are of parabolic type of series. Before, their capacity is equal to 8 tons with single axle and 2 x 8 tonnes for double axle of 8x4. Later, the capacity is 13 t and 21 t 4x2 on the tandem of 6x4, 6x6 and 8x4. For mixers, characterized by a high center of gravity, there are reinforced anti-roll bars for front and rear axles (on request).

Suspensions of the Trakker "heavy" offer more choice: before, the standard configuration is the parabolic type with a capacity of 8 tonnes. There are also available on request suspension is standard with capacity 9 t (2x8 to 2x9 on 8x4 parabolic t). The suspension of the tandem are of the semi-elliptic or parabolic (new) with a capacity of 32 t.
Another important new feature: air suspension for tandem 6x4 and 8x4 with four air tanks for each deck. These suspensions are available in two technical capabilities for tandem from 21 te 26 t. On a construction vehicle, the air suspension to four tanks on each rear deck allows more crossings of bridges with respect to a suspension with leaf springs, with a consequent ideal distribution of load and traction on land less compact. Another advantage is the comfort on the road, especially in vain. The air suspension is also available on the rear axles of 4x4 and 6x4 tractors on the tandems.