Gear boxes and bridges

Mechanical and automated gearboxes 
The Trakker range is equipped with gearboxes ZF 9S109 and 16S109 Ecomid to 9 and 16-speed cones Cursor 8 engines 270 and 310 hp; Ecosplit 16 S 151 with the Cursor 8-352 hp; Ecosplit 16 S 151 OD (overdrive) with the Cursor 13-380 hp; Ecosplit 16 S 181 OD with the Cursor 13 to 440 hp; Ecosplit 16S221 OD with the Cursor 13 engine with 480 hp. All gearboxes are equipped with 16-speed Servoshift assistance with pneumatic cylinder integrated in the gearbox cover. The effort added relationships is halved compared to a traditional mechanical control.

Why Choose Ecosplit gearboxes with the latest report overdrive (overdrive) with the Cursor 13 engine, rather than the direct drive like the road vehicles? Because the transmission elements are less stressed: in the lower ratios, the torque multiplication and tear due to changes in the grip of the tires are less pronounced. The final reduction is expected in the bridge double reduction.

The automated gearboxes EuroTronic 2, developed by Iveco and ZF, are available on request with the Cursor 8-310 hp and 352 hp version 12AS2301 DD, and the Cursor 13 in the version 12AS2601 OD, both with 12 gears. Some models 4x4 and 6x6 RHD propose the EuroTronic standard.
The speed changes EuroTronic 2 have a logic fully automatic gear change and a semi-automatic mode, in which the listing decision is up to the driver. The EuroTronic are without synchronizers, replaced by teeth of gear engagement. The clutch pedal has been deleted. The starting point is selecting a relationship and accelerating. A microprocessor pilot phase of the graft. In automatic mode, the gear shift is decided by an electronic control unit which takes into account engine speed, the available power, stress-resistant wheels and the position of the accelerator pedal. The synchronization of the speed of the gears via an electronic adaptation of the engine speed, much faster synchronization to friction. This solution is particularly appreciable in the pipeline, when the vehicle runs along an uphill, since the loss of speed is minimal. On the contrary, if the driver wishes to maintain the same ratio in a difficult passage, switches in semiautomatic mode. In this way, there will not be any inadvertent by automatism. The EuroTronic 2 man construction vehicles Iveco since 2001.


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