The range: the news

Iveco Trakker Cursor The range consists of 77 models: 60 4x2 trucks, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4 and 8x8, 14 of which are specifically designed for installations "cement mixer", and 17 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6

Models 3 and 4 axes are divided into two versions. The so-called versions "read" are optimized with respect to the total weight of the European Code, that is, for 26 t and 32 t 3-axis for 4 axes. The versions of "heavy" are designed to be used in quarrying and construction, to the maximum technical capacity of vehicles: 38 tonnes for 6x4 and 6x6, 41 tonnes for 8x4. These provisions are also intended to countries whose traffic rules on overall weight are less restrictive than the European code.
The 4x2 trucks are equipped with frame 7.7 mm thick (family "light") and Cursor engines from 240 to 440 hp. There are four steps: 3,80 m - 4,20 m - 4,50 m - 5,10 m. The 4x4 trucks are available with the same levels of power and in three steps: 3,80 m - 4,20 m - 4,50 m. Air suspension is available on the back deck. One of the applications of 4x4 trucks consists of the winter road. These vehicles are prepared with equipment, snow plows and salt spreaders. The front suspension, steering and tires have increased capacity from 9 to 10 tonnes.
The 6x4 trucks take all engine variants, until the Cursor 13 engine with 480 hp, and can be equipped with the air suspension on the tandem. In the latter case and with the sleeper cab raised, the Trakker becomes a formidable engine for exceptional transport. The 6x4 are available in six steps: from 3.20 + 1.38 4.80 + 1.38 m. They are also available in the mixer. The frame, 7.7 mm reverse light switch to 100 mm in the heavy-duty version, with reinforced suspension attachments. In this case, the capacity of the suspension bridge and the rear tandem is 32 you the technical capacity of the vehicles is 38 t. Wagons 6x6 adopt engines from 352 to 440 hp. It is permanent 6x6 with two-speed transfer case and differential transfer case between the front axle and rear axles. The differential can be locked in low-grip conditions.
The range of cars is similar to that of 8x4 6x4 but, due to the total weight of 40 t and 32 t in Italy in the rest of Europe, the smallest engine is the Cursor 8 engine from 352 hp. There are four steps: 4.25 + 1.38 5.82 + 1.38 m. In many European countries, the 8x4 have conquered most of the market for cement mixers.
The wagon 8x8, originally developed for the German market, located some specific applications other countries. The distribution of torque between the two axles front is secured by a lockable differential, located on the second deck.
The tractors Trakker exist in configuration 4x2, 6x4, 4x4 and 6x6. 4x4 tractors are required on the German and Spanish. The tractors have a PTC type AD/AT440T ... limited to 44 tonnes, while the AD/AT720T ... frame with extra-thick (10 mm), have a potential of 72 PTC you lend themselves to the creation of tractors with rear air suspension for exceptional transport.