The electrical MUX

Parallel with the introduction of the AT / AD, the Trakker range is passed to the electronic management and multiplexes (the so-called system MUX). The commands from the switches and buttons, as well as the information transmitted by the sensors, are gathered by the electronic control units that transform them into digital signals. These circulate within a single cable - the CAN (Controller Area Network) - to control devices and indicators (indicator light, Analog or digital displays). The use of CAN lines allows to increase the number of functions (for example, information on the function of the vehicle speed or consumption), while halving the amount of cables, fuses and relays. Even the diagnostic capabilities are enhanced. The fitters have on the chassis of a control unit which receives the terminals needed to connect the lights, the commands of the PTO and the power of the lights on the dashboard.

The engine management according to the characteristics of the PTO is possible thanks to a special unit DMI (optional), programmable through the system Modus. This solution allows you to manage up to a maximum of three take-offs on the same vehicle.
The wiring MUX is divided into four sections: the frame and organs; cabin; board instruments; radio and communications. The line multiplex CAN-bus chassis was the first to be installed on vehicles Iveco (EuroStar Cursor 10 Cursor Trakker in 1999 and in 2000). It connects the engine, transmission automated, the Intarder, the EBL braking system, anti-theft device and the sensor of the tachograph. Five years of experience with customers have demonstrated the benefits of this new technology and expertise gained by Iveco in this field.