The braking system and the retarders

The Trakker 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 adopt disc brakes on the axle (or axle) front and drum brakes on the rear axles with planetary reduction hubs. The bridges engine front of 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 gift with drum brakes. There is still no technical solution able to coexist planetary gearboxes and brake discs, allowing easy access to them for maintenance. The correction of the braking according to the load on the rear axle is associated by the ABS sensors of the wheels, that detect the possible trend in the jam and modulate the braking pressure delivered to the brake cylinders. This system, called EBL (Electronic Braking Limitation), represents an enormous progress compared to mechanical correction using the deflection of the suspension, in particular with suspensions in poor flexibility.
The compressed air brake system is controlled at the compressor outlet from the group APU (Air Processing Unit), comprises an air dryer with heating, a pressure regulator, a four-way distributor and two external sockets: provides a the compressed air required, for example, to inflate the tires, and the other serves to supply the plant of the vehicle via an external source.

Traffic Calming and serial request
All Cursor engines are a series of decompression brake ITB (Iveco Turbo Brake, described in the chapter on Cursor engines), whose effectiveness is enhanced by the action of a variable geometry turbocharger engines Cursor 8 and Cursor 13 440 and 480 hp.
The ZF hydraulic retarder is available as an option on foreign exchange Ecosplit and his command is coupled to that of the ITB. Indeed, activation of the retarder is done by pressing the same lever to the right, under the steering wheel (the first two notches command only the engine retarder), and releasing the throttle completely. Pressing the accelerator, the speed bumps are turned off and the light on the instrument panel goes out. This system offers two advantages: it avoids making the engine work against the slow motion in case the driver has forgotten to turn it off, despite the warning light on the dashboard, allows you to arm / disarm the slow motion using the accelerator pedal, without leaving his grip on the steering wheel. There is also another automatic function: When the cruise control is activated and the vehicle begins a descent, the retarders are inserted to maintain the set speed.