The benefits for the customer

Contributed by Iveco at the profitability of companies operating in the field of Public Works.
With New Trakker, Iveco provides its customers with tools work more productive, with lower operating costs. Operators Specialists in shipbuilding and Activities In The Field of Public Works, What are the customers of the Iveco Trakker, are subject to Operating Times Many of binding. In addition, the media operate in demanding conditions and must make extremely reliable and resistant. The New Trakker are intended to consolidate the 'image of Iveco come specialist construction vehicles.

Productivity is expressed directly THROUGH the performance, capacity Overcoming Obstacles, the load carried and, indirectly, with the permanent availability, mean Reliability.
In terms of productivity, the Trakker boasts many Strengths:

The flow profit earned through the Cursor 8 and 13 as well as the various components whose tare weight has been optimized;

  • The power and torque available from low engine speeds Cursor;
  • The creation of specific models, concrete mixers come;
  • predispositions and options of the plant, which can reduce the cost and time of construction;
  • ease of use and guidance of automated gearboxes EuroTronic 2;
  • increased safety on the road and on trails "off road", thanks to the powerful ITB decompression brake fitted as standard

The reliability

the reduction of the mechanical stresses in the transmission, thanks to the changes of speed Overdrive (sovramoltiplicati);

  • the electronic management of the engine and of the entire kinematic chain protects against bad conditions of use (eg, the overspeed);
  • the structural soundness of the Cursor engines;
  • the margin of safety of the frames and the elements of the suspension.

The reduction in operating costs is detected either every day or on the road, with the decrease in the consumption of fuel and oil, which annually in the workshop with:

  • prolonged intervals for oil changes and motor organs (80,000 km);
  • less wear of the clutch, thanks to the characteristics of the motors;
  • less wear on the braking system, thanks to the decompression engine brake as standard, with front disc brakes, drum brakes Duo-Duplex and EBL;
  • the speed and the quality of the diagnosis carried out with the aid of the apparatus Modus and IWT;

offer after-sales service that is in addition to the traditional formulas (maintenance and maintenance / repairs), with particular attention to the drivetrain and brakes.