The values ​​of the new Stralis

The new Stralis was created sharing the same values ​​of the most famous rugby team in the world to be the same way, same style in and win the challenges.

In the four corporate values ​​- Commitment, Reliability, Performance, Team Spirit - Stralis defines a product, Power, to reaffirm one of the strong points which distinguish the excellence of Iveco engineering solutions.


For Stralis, Power means offering the extremely modern Cursor Euro5 SCR engines with unit injectors and variable geometry turbocharger, capacity from 8 to 13 liters, power from 310 to 560 hp and maximum torque from 1,300 to 2,500 Nm efficient, environmentally friendly, intrinsically reliable, delivering optimized power and torque at speeds of commercial use to keep consumption low.


The Stralis Commitment is the sense of responsibility for the customer's business without forgetting the comfort and the safety of those on the truck spends most of his time. It is with great determination, Iveco works to provide its customers with highly ergonomic cabins, standard-class travel and experience life onboard. But Stralis customers also features a unique design, because respecting who drives also means providing a nice looking truck.


For Stralis means keeping promises: product reliability, durability and high safety standards in every situation. The disc brakes with EBS and ESP ensures minimum stop in all load conditions and road surface. The decompression engine brake Iveco Turbo Brake and Intarder increase the useful life of the driveline, and allow high cruising speeds with confidence. The generous torque (from 1,000 rpm for a wide range of engine speeds) the engine works under optimal conditions, increasing reliability and durability.


Stralis Performance is supporting the value of the client's business. It means raising productivity and reducing operating costs. These items are active in the financial Stralis consumption, maintenance and downtime. The cost / efficiency is ensured by a range of more than 500 versions and thousands of possible variants, all easy to fit to meet the needs of each mission - tractors and cabin with 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4, and specific models for missions "heavy-duty ".

Team Spirit

It means working alongside the customer for the entire life of the vehicle in the product development stage, providing the skills of 2,500 designers and 15 R & D centers that involve the customer in the design stage, during the purchase, with the support of vendors highly competent and financing solutions for every business need, during operation, through the daily work of a call center 24/7 and a network of efficient and widespread service (more than 3,000 service points in more than 100 countries) .