The values ​​of Massif

Massif was created from sharing the same values ​​that have made the rugby team , the All Blacks the most popular in the world, following in the tire tracks follow the new Stralis , Trakker and Daily 4x4 .
In addition to the four Iveco values ​​- Commitment , Reliability, Performance , Team Spirit - Massif also inherits the value of Stralis , the Power , to reaffirm one of the key points that make Iveco synonymous with design excellence .


For Massif, Power means offering the EGR engine of the latest generation 3-liter 146 hp and a maximum torque of 350 Nm An efficient, reliable engine , with optimized torque and power outputs at different speeds to ensure the maximum power, even in extremely difficult conditions . Also available is the 176 CV version with variable geometry turbine that develops a torque of 400 Nm , recognized as the best engine in its class.


Massif Commitment is the sense of responsibility towards the customer's business without forgetting the comfort and safety of those who spends most of his time on board. The close relationship between Massif and the other vehicles in the Iveco range is evident : highly ergonomic cabins and improved ride comfort, comparable to vehicles for street use. Massif customers can also rely on a unique design, because respecting who drives also means offering an aesthetically pleasing vehicle .


For Massif, it means keeping promises : product reliability , durability and high safety standards in every situation. Massif interprets the concept of reliability as well as provide flexibility for fitting body .


Performance Massif means to deliver value to the customer's target of increasing productivity while reducing operating costs. The strength of the Massif lies in joining bodybuilder intervention , servicing downtime and of consumption. The maintenance intervals are contained in such a way that the vehicle spends a fraction of time in the workshop. A vital consideration is fuel cost , whose consumption is significantly reduced through the Euro 4 engine .

Team spirit

It means working closely with the customer for the entire life cycle of the vehicle: the stage of product development, through the work of specialist engineers and Iveco R & D centers that involve the client from the planning stage and during the purchasing process, with the help of professional intermediaries and financing solutions to meet all company needs ; during operation of the vehicle through a call center open 7 days out of 7, 24 and 24 hours a network of efficient and widely widespread (over 3,000 service centers in 100 countries).