The best choice

The world of light transport is rapidly changing, and the demands of customers , which become more and more demanding, they are diverse and complex . To the many questions as are the answers to the Daily , strong thirty years of experience in continuous evolution, as evidenced by the vehicle that is now placed on the market is capable of giving by offering hundreds of versions . It is in fact offer the most extensive and articulated in the world , which meets the most varied and complex needs of professionals : those who make deliveries (by courier urban society international delivery) , who transports goods (foodstuffs to building materials ) , who transports people (school services online, vehicles equipped for persons with reduced mobility to the shuttles to airports and luxury hotels ) . Without forgetting those who a Daily camper van to enjoy the free time.
The Daily , even in this new evolution , remains a means of work and transport accessible to all, leading to productivity and versatility in its class,
perfect for any kind of weather , cargo and mission. It does even more playing the card that has proved successful throughout the life of the model: listen to the customer and the product to grow in accordance with their wishes .

In conclusion ECODaily ecology and delivers value to the customer who wants to buy a commercial vehicle. It does so with a broad and diverse range that consists of 3 classes (L , S and C), with single or twin rear wheels depending on the gross vehicle weight (from 2.8 to 7 tons ) . For cabs, wheelbases from 3000 to 4750 mm and the body lengths ranging from 2520 mm to 6200 mm . For vans , however , the steps are from 3000 to 3950 mm , the volume varies from 7 to 17 metri3 and heights available are three: in 1545 , 1900 and 2100 mm . Finally, the customer can choose the Daily AGile with automatic transmission , which can be used in sequential or automatic mode for maximum ergonomics and increased comfort.
The range that boasts a number of environmentally friendly engines also presents a version superecologica : The Daily Natural Power, which is powered by a methane / petrol engine derived from diesel technology .