ECODaily Electric, the most respectful of all

ECODaily Electric is the medium that , boasting zero emissions, has the greatest respect for the environment of the whole range . It is a vehicle designed , built and sold by Iveco entirety , with all the resulting advantages , especially for the optimization of the payload available .
ECODAILY Electric is an electrically powered vehicle , battery powered with technology NaNiCl2 , on which a three-phase asynchronous electric motor controlled by an inverter has the task to move the vehicle directly and to recover energy during braking. It ' available in 35S ( van , combi or chassis cab ) with a motorization and 50C ( van and chassis cab ) , equipped with two different engines : 30kW nominal ( 60kW peak) for the model 35S and nominal 40kW ( 80kW peak ) for the model 50C .
ECODAILY Electric is equipped with traction battery type Zebra Z5 NaNiCl2 sealed - which does not produce gaseous emissions , require no maintenance and are completely recyclable - and a nominal voltage of 278V . The vehicle is equipped , depending on the version and autonomy required from two and up to four batteries (only 50 C ) , with regenerative braking system that recharges the batteries during braking , thereby increasing their autonomy. It reaches a maximum speed of 70 km / h for a range that varies from 90 km to 130 km, depending on the number of batteries and mission . To recharge the batteries are mounted in the vehicle charger into equal number of the drive batteries installed and simply a three-phase socket 380V/32A , charging has a duration of eight hours What in the past was the real limit of electric vehicles, ie the weight of the batteries which decreased the payload , which was passed by Iveco has created a vehicle that , with its 2 batteries, has a curb weight of only 300 kg higher than the diesel version .

All systems aimed at the electric drive are controlled by a dedicated control unit that communicates with the same by means of a CAN network . The auxiliary systems , such as cooling of the battery and the pump for the brake assist, are powered by electric motors controlled by inverter 12v DC / DC, while the steering pump is powered directly from the battery to the DC traction .
On the dashboard is installed CAN display that provides the driver with the information necessary for the proper conduct of the vehicle: state of charge, voltage , temperature , current traction batteries and refer to the driving conditions of the electric propulsion system . ECODaily Electric is conducted in a similar way to that of a normal vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission , engaging gears by means of the lever that communicates via CAN with the inverter. The speed adjustment is ensured by the traction inverter according to the pressure on the accelerator and brake pedals , relatively to different driving conditions of the vehicle.

ECODaily Electric may face , fully loaded , slopes up to 18% and is perfectly suited to the most common mission in urban areas , such as door to door distribution and transport people.