Respect: ecology and brand value

In addition to the force , which is a solid vehicle 's Daily , the other feature that drives the vehicle facing now on the market is about respect: respect for the driver and for transport operators , which means reliability and productivity , but also respect for the environment , or a vehicle that has a strong ecological vocation .

Productivity is guaranteed by a kinematic chain of excellence , the Daily qualities and values ​​that belong to their own tradition , offering once again sturdiness of a truck in a size that ensures maximum versatility for urban use , cutting edge technology and design innovative without compromise .
The low cost of ownership , robustness, and reliability make the Daily a vehicle absolutely respectful of all professionals .

The front wheels support the load and steer , ensuring the best vehicle turning circle in its class, an essential element for maneuverability and an important aspect for productivity. The rear wheels support the load and ensure the vehicle excellent traction in all conditions , in particular when starting from standstill in ascent .

With the support of the separate chassis, the reliability is assured. The mounting on chassis cab or chassis cowl is a simple procedure since the entire chassis is able to withstand the loads imposed , both in the case of carriage of goods and passengers. This increases the load capacity of up to 7 tons, ranking first for the category , with a consequent increase of the offer for those in search of the best solutions for the transport medium range .
But at the base of the Daily there is also a deep respect for the driver who comes from a cab designed following the most modern criteria for defining the parameters that measure the well-being and comfort on board, with the result that you have created a very similar to that of a car that ensures comfort and safety to the driver in the name of the principle according to which the " relaxed and not stressed drivers are safe drivers ."

The ecological vocation of the Daily is a known fact and is witnessed by all engines FPT which in this are always a step ahead of the competition . The Daily boasts the absolute primacy of having introduced in 1985, the direct injection turbocharged diesel engine , the TurboDaily precisely , to ensure maximum performance even with a smaller capacity , thanks to the surplus of air introduced into the combustion engine that facilitates and reduces emissions . Other innovative record regarding the engines is the introduction in 1989 of the first Diesel engine with EGR system for the reduction of pollutant emissions .
The natural gas engines use a technology stoichiometric combustion with three-way catalytic converter to ensure emissions of exhaust well below the limits required by any European legislation. Thanks to this feature , the natural gas engines made ​​by FPT are certified in compliance with EEV , and ensure emissions levels so low as to be very close to those that will be provided in the future for the Euro VI standard .

With these CNG engines , which are characteristic of the Natural Power version , next to the electric version and the new FPT diesel engine 3.0-liter EEV , the Daily acquires full rights to define ECODaily .

In addition, the Daily has already recyclable at end of cycle life for more than 90 percent, well ahead of the new requirements of the law, which will come into force in 2015 and which now provide for the mandatory 85 percent of their mass for cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.