Eurocargo: what's new?

The new Eurocargo, the latest evolution of the average range of Iveco, comes on the market always put the customer at the center of its attention.
Continues on the path taken earlier with the mid-range of Iveco, characterized by vehicles designed and built to meet the highest expectations operating in the sector. The new Eurocargo combines the durability and the finish, which were already excellent features of the previous model, with a greater driving comfort and a high level of internal noise in order to make the work day more pleasant for the person at the wheel of vehicle.
The new Eurocargo shares the family relationship established by its heavy range, new Trakker and new Stralis, as is clear from the interior and exterior design of the cabin.

Cabin Design

The most obvious peculiarity that distinguishes the new range is seen from the front of the vehicle. The new Eurocargo has a typical design, developed by Iveco Style Centre in accordance with the needs expressed by customers, because respecting who drives also means providing a good looking truck.
The adoption of the grille and badging, already introduced on the ranges of the new Stralis and new Trakker offers a better ability to customize the vehicle in the livery business from customers.
The bumper monochrome available, as well as the fenders, also in body color, it looks very much. The offer also includes a steel bumper in one piece, painted in dark gray, which is a guarantee of savings for users especially models kipper and other versions to arduous duties.
On both sides of the sleeper cab are the new large capacity storage compartments to which access from the outside is provided by electrically operated door locks, while the inside of the driver is under the bunk.
Internally, all is new. The new dashboard compact, uniform and monochrome, the console includes a centrally mounted switch, which also houses a satellite navigation system (optional), provides improved ergonomics and comfort thanks to instrumentation enriched and more functional. Better positioning of the buttons you use most frequently - all of which are new as well as large air vents - The new location of the parking brake on the new central console, the new two-column switch levers allow convenient use on the part of ' driver.
The 470 mm diameter steering wheel is adjustable for height and tilt and carries the Iveco in sparkling gray. The new instrument cluster provides information on possible failures stop lights, in addition to the features previously available, and now bears the Iveco logo at startup.
The central control module is new, with the lever of the brake, which is easily accessible, and includes the commands of the differential lock and the power converter 24/12V (both available as optional).
The new door panels with new arm rests, side pockets, more capacious, controls, mirrors (electrically heated) and power windows increase the comfort, attention to detail, thus creating an ideal working environment.

The new ergonomically designed seats, with fabrics in cotton and microfiber provide greater comfort thanks to the integrated seat belts and head restraints winding inertia. Also new seats and air suspension. Have also been introduced as standard acoustic systems to alert the driver when the seat belt is not fastened.
The basic version of the cabins MLC and MLD provides a new two-seater passenger seat as standard, with a choice of vinyl or fabric in dark gray, with Maori tattoo designs that recall the light gray color on the edges of the seats and on the side panels, to emphasize the link between Iveco and the All Blacks for this model. The seat base are the electrical switch for opening the glove box door outside (present in MLL cabbed on both side walls, the driver's side and passenger side) and the control lever of the tipper body (if required cabbed MLC).
The new Eurocargo desmodromic type a single key for opening the doors and the ignition in order to ensure greater security against theft. Optionally available is the central locking system with remote control and engine immobilizer built into the ignition key.

Robustness and versatility for body-builders

Since 1991, when it was launched, this model has assumed the role of a reference point for the strength and versatility of the frame. The new Eurocargo inherits these features and builds the structure parallel to longitudinal members made ​​of special steel that is completely unobstructed top of allowing body from 4,135 to 10,550 mm in the remaining variants planned from the factory.

The new Eurocargo is built by Iveco chassis cab and every vehicle built the task of intervening to customize the body according to the specific transportation needs of the end user. To make easy and as fast as possible their work without compromising the quality of the product factory is planned, for all the changes, a full range of PTO ZF and Hydrocar addition, for versions from 280 hp and 300 hp a PTO Iveco Multipower. The take-offs are electrically activated and the command is run from the speed controller and the expansion module that allows communication with the vehicle CAN bus and maximum customization in the use of power take-offs.
There are electrical connections for body builders that allow up to 3 modes of take-offs and others that offer a variety of logic signals applied to different operating modes of the vehicle systems.