Safety on board

Iveco's commitment to sustainable transport is not limited to the ecological vocation of their vehicles. Of vital importance is road safety, with the specific purpose of offering for transport professionals advanced security system, along with plenty of maneuverability in every situation, as well as a better quality of life on board. The Daily, in fact, was one of the first commercial vehicle to adopt specific disc brakes and independent front suspension dell'handling for the benefit and safety of the vehicle.

In the New Daily have introduced new headlights with daytime running lights (DRL) and have been incorporated into the bumper, fog lamps with cornering function Fog. With this technology, fog lamps illuminate the road following the turning radius greater visibility and therefore greater safety for drivers.

The New Daily adopts ESP 9, the most advanced system for the stability of the vehicle, which only adds to the characteristics of the control of the vehicle already available on the previous model. The ESP 9 maintains the effectiveness of the previous system, which involved the ABS (anti-lock), EBD (electronic brake force distribution), ASR (traction control), MSR (engine management system to control the speed), ESP (of stability), HBA (emergency brake Assist) and Hill Holder, LAC (recognition of the longitudinal distribution of the cargo transported), adding new features:

TSM Trailer Sway Mitigation - Detects the presence of a trailer and adjusts the ESP control strategy.

HRB Hydraulic Rear Wheel Boost - Boost the braking force on the rear axle in the event of emergency braking.

HFC Hydraulic Brake Fade Control - Detects and compensates for any fading braking.

RMI ROM & Roll Movement Intervention & Roll Over Mitigation - Control the rolling radius of the vehicle in case of emergency maneuver.