A new hero for transport professionals

The Daily was born with the characteristics of a leader. It was designed from the outset of his career to faithfully carry out the task to better serve those who drive: who does deliveries, those who transport goods, those who transport people. Without forgetting those who a Daily camper van to enjoy the free time. The New Daily, then, is the real answer, Iveco transport professionals, discerning customers seeking reliability, versatility and productivity. This is the recipe that gives rise to the Daily as we know, the specific imprint of his DNA. Offered in various versions van, chassis cab and minibus, the New Daily is a vehicle "Super": the most solid and reliable in its segment. Born with the support of a truck chassis, with a longitudinally mounted engine with rear suspension with robust, with a high seating position, today the New Daily adds a range of high power engines and innovative features.
In its latest evolution, the Daily qualities and values ​​that are entered in his nature "strong and professional" and develops them even more becoming a super ally for work each day. Each mission can be carried out with comfort, safety and performance with the New Daily, a vehicle that ensures maximum versatility in urban use, cutting edge technology and innovative design. A robust means in the service of transportation professionals who always carries out his daily work with diligence, that is reliable, even though you do not repose, but that is also economical, efficient and versatile.

Here, then, a range that offers magazine and articulated equipment and options, and options, different in each market, the most powerful diesel engine in the category with a twin turbo 205 hp and a maximum torque of 470 Nm, a reduction in consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 10 percent - with the ability to take advantage of the high torque of the engine in conjunction with the new transmission with double overdrive - a driving comfort and a security system really enviable. To these are added a meticulous job of optimizing the comfort of life on board: renovated interior with new trim color, new practical solutions to improve habitability and usability of the workspace and improved ergonomics exchange, seat and pedals.

The New Daily is so once again, a means of work and transport accessible to all, a leader in productivity and versatility in its class, perfect for any type of road, load and mission. A real "Super" vehicle that brings industry professionals to declare without any hesitation: "This is a job for the New Daily."