Naming system models

The new Trakker has a system of naming patterns that clearly identifies the product specifications of the vehicle. Here's an example:
Some versions of the Cursor engines mounted on 8:13 Trakker have been enhanced, up to the 500 hp version for the most demanding missions. All versions are equipped with a decompression engine brake Cursor, while the Cursor 13 engine rated at 410 hp was added to new engine braking CEB (Compressed Engine Brake) to give enhanced performance.
The range of programs planned for the new Trakker includes the automatic transmission EuroTronic 2 to 12 speed with integrated controls in the steering column. The ZF 16-speed, called Ecosplit, is equipped with servo-shift system while the ZF 9 speed, referred to Ecomid is used with engines from 310 to 330 hp.