Iveco-All blacks Road Show: driven by one spirit

Stralis has grown in quality, personality and self-confidence. And he has a great desire to prove himself. Armed with this new character, the new Stralis breaks the mold and goes through the streets of Europe to meet his public, not only of "his" drivers but also those who do not drive Iveco. But Stralis Roadshow, realized with the sponsorships of Alcoa, Bridgestone, Schmitz Cargobull and Sony, goes further, engaging in a new relationship of friendship and curiosity even those who do not drive a heavy commercial vehicle.

A series of small Stralis fleets, for a total of 100 vehicles wearing the All Blacks, I travel throughout 26 European countries visiting 250 locations in 200 days, with a total distance of 2 million kilometers. Here are the main figures of a great traveling show designed to offer an unforgettable brand experience with testing vehicles, events and competitions and online on websites Iveco, in the places where transport professionals work and meet: Iveco dealers and nodes logistics but also service areas and waiting areas motorways of the European network.

All this without forgetting Iveco employees, women and men who Stralis owes its present and future success: the Roadshow will touch also the European plants with a "Family Day" dedicated to them.

Each fleet making up the Roadshow is supported by Iveco Promotion Mobile Unit (IPMU), which, of course, driven by a Stralis, offers all the comforts and facilities necessary to deepen the knowledge of the product and who designed it, and relax between a test drive and the other.