Massif in detail

Massif and the market segment in which it competes is new to Iveco, which now covers the entire range of possible needs of client companies. When a commercial vehicle must travel off-road vehicle in the most difficult conditions, both from the point of view of the ground that the meteorological conditions, is never solely for transporting goods and materials, but also people. The products-wheel drive Iveco Trakker, Eurocargo 4x4 and Daily 4x4 - handle this task very well. Massif completes this range, being able to take the crew to do the work with their own tools.

Cab and Chassis

All Massif versions are a separate chassis with axles mounted on parabolic leaf springs . This no-compromise solution : a separate chassis ensures the high structural stresses , which occur during the use of off-road are not carried to the body structure preserving longevity . The springs assist the positioning of the axes and the suspension of the body without the need for additional elements to react to the driving force or braking or links of positioning of the axes to the vehicle frame .

The style Giugiaro

Aesthetically, Massif reflecting the family style of Iveco vehicles due to the design of the radiator grille . The vehicle body is available in a station wagon with 3 or 5 doors, pick-up with integrated load carrying , and a chassis mounting of bodies of third-party manufacturers . The separate chassis provides mounting the body to the passenger / load compartment and powered axles front and rear part time full time related to the transfer box flanged to the gearbox .
The body appearance reflects Giugiaro styling in a highly functional manner , in line with the use of off-road Massif. The components scratch around the wheel arches , to protect the lower door panels and rear light units , are typical of a vehicle that can not avoid traveling on bumpy roads and scrapes aplenty , just as it is in the use off-road . For customers who do not like flashy details , plastic parts and roof are available in the same color as the body , the rear windows can be tinted glass and rims are also available in aluminum.
You can choose versions with roofing materials of the seats in fabric or leather is available as well as the leather steering wheel . The cabin is also available in a version less rich , with interior trim and rubber cover vinyl seats , for those who need to clean up the interior with instruments likely to become worn surfaces and coatings ( such as a lance in pressure).
On request , the vehicle may be equipped with a radio / CD player and satellite navigation systems . The number of seats depends on the model , for versions chassis cab and pick -up are provided seats for the driver's seat and one passenger, station wagon 3-door has 4 seats (2 +2 ) with two seating rows and the 5-door station wagon can have 5 seats (2 +3 ) with two seating rows or 7 seats on three lines (2 +3 +2) .
tech engines

The heart of the Massif is the 3-liter engine derived from HPI Daily, a 4-cylinder 16-valve turbodiesel engine with common rail injection system technologically advanced , can provide excellent performance and consistent fuel economy. The maximum torque is 350 Nm at 1400-2800 r / min . The maximum power of 146 hp is delivered at 3000 - 3500 rev / min. The engine is certified to the requirements of Euro 4 emission , using the recirculation of exhaust gases (EGR ) to reduce the formation of nitrogen oxide and an oxidising catalyst to complete the combustion of the compounds not completely oxidized . Massif is also available with a 3 liter HPT engine , with variable turbine geometry which produces an output of 176HP at 3200-3500 r / min and a maximum torque of 400 Nm at 1250-3000 r / min . A power unit unique in its category .

Transmission and transfer case

The ZF 6S400 6-speed transmission with overdrive is coupled to a transfer case mounted Santana which you can select the 4x2 or 4x4 traction . With the 4X2 traction is only rear . Selecting low range automatically engages four-wheel drive . In terms of all-wheel drive as the transfer case is not equipped with differential , loss of adherence by the front or rear wheels is not a loss of traction. There is also an optional differential lock on the rear axle to use a more challenging and the wheel hubs on the front wheels to reduce fuel consumption in road use . The transmission in combination with the transfer box provides 12 forward and 2 reverse gears . 

ZF 6S400

Gear 1

Gear 2

Gear 3

Gear 4

Gear 5

Gear 6


Gear ratios









Transfer box



Ratio transfer box



Front and rear axles

Both the front and in the rear are present flight motor with a reduction ratio of 3.909:1 final . The final gear ratio used on the front axle is helicoidal whereas that on the rear axle is a hypoidal in order to increase the ground clearance for the centrally .
Wheels and tires

The standard version includes 235/85R16 tires suitable for all surfaces. You can choose to off-road tires mounted on steel rims as standard, which can be replaced with optional aluminum rims .


The parabolic leaf springs mounted on the front and rear axles, performing the dual role of suspension of chassis and axle location . The suspension , relatively simple, facilitates the reaction to the drive and braking torque without the need for extra links and bracketry , a definite plus for off-road vehicles . For the front axle using dual effect hydraulic shock absorbers while the rear axle mounts air shocks double effect . The system is complemented by anti-roll stabilizer bars front and rear .
The maximum load of the front and rear axle is respectively of 1072 kg and 2033 kg, the maximum load of the vehicle is 3050 kg .

Brake System

A power-assisted hydraulic dual-circuit vacuum operated brakes ventilated discs on the front axle and simple discs on the rear axle . The parking brake is a drum brake cable operated , mounted on the transfer box , which allows for greater braking torque because the multiplication factor is the ratio of transmission to the bridge. Mechanical brake force distribution is used for all models when the driving -wheel drive while the optional anti-lock braking system ( ABS) provides an electronic brake force distribution for the 4x2 . The ABS can be deactivated for certain off-road driving conditions .





SW 5 doors

SW 3 doors


Chassis cab

Step  (mm)





Length max (mm)





Width  max (mm)


Heigth max (mm)



Angle of attack


Slope angle





Departure angle







Tilt angle cross


Fording depth (mm)


Ground clearance (mm)


Massa max. (kg)





Tara (kg)






Engine specifications


3.0 HPI

3.0 HPT

Might (kW / Cv)

107 / 146

130 / 176

Engine speed at max.

might (r/min)

3000 – 3500

3200 – 3500

max torque (Nm)



Engine speed at max. couple (r/min)

1400 - 2800

1250 - 3000