Heir to the Tradition

The new Eurocargo is the worthy heir of a series of models that have made ​​the history of the medium segment, which began prior to the founding of Iveco. From OM of Brescia with the Cub and Cub and Fiat with the 600 series, the list of accomplishments is remarkable and have witnessed all the vehicles we have seen at work on the streets of the city and country in all these years.
First of all the Wolf Cub, in the 60s that has circulated the goods in Italy still farm, but making strides towards industrialization and modernity.
It is precisely the Wolf Cub, launched in 1959, which marks the entry of Italy in fact economic boom, to pass the baton, at the end of the '70s, to the Zeta range.

Project innovative at the time the Z range was launched in 1977 and built to meet all transportation needs light to medium from 25 to 65 quintals.
The rounded shapes of the Wolf Cub, giving way to the square and most modern Zeta range.

The evolution of this segment with the introduction of the turbocharged engine in 1987, so the range TurboZeta, whose advertising slogan "TurboZeta. The best made better. "

A few years later and EuroCargo arrived is 1991 and the new vehicle represents a real revolution. Quality, great standardization of components make possible over 500 versions capable of performing each transport mission.

In 1992 EuroCargo won the Truck of the Year, the first in a long line of awards from the specialized press.

In 2003, finally, comes the restyling it to us in shape and logo that we now know today: Eurocargo.

These then are the ancestors of the new Eurocargo, which has won more awards than any other truck in history.

Eurocargo story



Launch Turtleneck


Launch Range Z


Launch TurboZeta


Launch EuroCargo


“International Truck of the Year”


“Road Tester Choice” in Britain


“Fleet Truck of the Year” in Britain


“Best Truck import” in Germany


“MidiEuro Test” for fuel economy and overall productivity for the 12t


Launch EuroCargo MY 97


“MidiEuro Test” for the 7.5t


Launch new range Eurocargo EL


Launch new EuroCargo Tector


“Best Light Truck” in Britain


Launch Eurocargo MY 2003


Launch “New Eurocargo-All wheel drive”


Introduction of new variants 140E and 160E


Introduction Euro4 & Euro5 models


Launch New Eurocargo