Italian style by Giugiaro

When it was launched in 1978, the Daily received very positive reviews for its innovative design, where aesthetics and functionality were integrated in a careful stylistic balance. In fact, on the one hand the Daily expressed his ability to be a great "container" to transfer goods or transporting people and on the other hand, the vehicle was distinguished by a modern and original that the professional sphere is pushed up to the emotional . From now on, the Daily has established itself as a great business partner with a great personality.

Today, the New Daily once more ahead of the times: it goes beyond the concept of "beautiful and functional," to serve as a distinctive element of the corporate image. This captures an emerging trend in the world of transport, especially light: the commercial vehicle is no longer just a tool, it is also the "business card" with which to transmit values ​​and philosophy of his business. To become the benchmark in the current landscape from the point of view of the image, needed a true "quantum leap". This is the style of the New Daily has the signature of one of the most famous designers in the world: Giorgetto Giugiaro.
The vehicle runs along a line harmonic marked by distinctive features that make it immediately recognizable. To start from a strong front and essential, dominated by a strong Iveco family feeling, where stands the seamless integration between the complex-bumper grille, hood and roof. The higher position of the bumper increases the protection of the vehicle, while the front lights with integrated fog lights, complete its captivating image and personal.
Seen in profile, the New Daily expresses its strength and its ability to load in a sleek and slender. In particular, stand on the side exterior mirrors with wide-angle ensuring excellent visibility to the rear and elegantly integrated turn signals (more visible due to the greater height).
The rear end has been redesigned with the precise aim of expressing balance and strength. As demonstrated, for example, the availability of the spoiler with air vents on the roof, which incorporates the third brake light and the lighting of the cargo area. But they are also new rear light clusters (with lights and reverse lights on both sides), the hinges, the platform and sill guards. Not to mention that to make it even more rich personality of the New Daily can, on request, take the bands on the roof and bumpers painted in body color.