The maximum driving pleasure and travel

The qualities of a commercial vehicle, you appreciate the way down just for everyday use, when the rise of a need is discovered with satisfaction that someone has designed, together with the model, the solution to our problem big or small. This is especially true for the New Daily - a vehicle that in every situation proposes a solution to the many needs of the trip.
The lines that run inside are harmonious and well balanced with the external. Along the oceans of glass create a warm, bright and able to provide outstanding interior roominess - and therefore superior comfort in terms of ergonomics and space available to the driver and passengers.
The New Daily has been designed and built taking into account the desires and changing mobility needs of the customer. For this I have taken all those "smart" solutions capable of ensuring greater ease of driving and meet a new dimension of "living the commercial vehicle", understood as pleasure to "stay on board" in its broadest sense.
Thus was born "for" and "around" the man, the cabin of the New Daily is the ideal place to live a comfortable ride, enjoying a concrete and well-being on board. To achieve this, the designers have followed the most modern criteria for the definition of parameters that measure the well-being and comfort on board. The end result is an outstanding result of the new Daily essential ergonomic functions: roominess, driving posture, access, visibility and reconfigurability.
Giugiaro signing the new cab that stands for the change at the center of the dashboard and the new brake lever, which is shorter (with the same effort required). The combination of these two solutions improves the ergonomics of the movements of the driver and the ease of crossing of the passenger. Also, make it especially comfortable to work and travel aboard the New Daily contribute the new seats designed to be even more comfortable wraparound ergonomic steering wheel and the original door panels.
Comfort and also characterize the bridge - made of a special material "soft feeling" - which features 3 drawers according to DIN (a request, there is another drawer DIN place in the wide shelf running on the pavilion throughout the top of the windshield). Finally, the space management is ensured by the numerous storage compartments.
The comfort is complemented by features such as parking sensor, the refrigerated compartment, the lighting system of the cargo area (with integrated third brake light in the rear spoiler), auxiliary heater with timer for programmable activation, central locking with remote control built into the key and new mechanisms for opening / closing the doors.
The New Daily shows its true nature on the road: where offers excellent control and maneuverability of the absolute level. Always, in fact, ride comfort and dynamic behavior are characteristics of Iveco vehicles: and the Daily is no exception. The truck-chassis (which ensures maximum strength in every circumstance of driving and load), the independent front suspension and rear axle with rigid axle: these are the ingredients that make a sample of Daily in terms of absorption capacity of the road roughness, linearity and precision steering response, road holding and stability during maneuvers.
On request it is possible to equip the New Daily with pneumatic rear suspension, ideal for the transport of persons or goods delicate - and when it is needed height of the loading extremely slow.