The values ​​of the new Daily 4x4

The new Daily 4x4 shares the values ​​of the most famous rugby team in the world, the All Blacks - the national team of New Zealand who throughout their history have won more than anyone else - and thus follows the same line with the new models Stralis and Trakker. To confirm this sharing of values​​, on the occasion of its launch the new Daily 4x4 is presented in black livery and tattoos that evoke the unmistakable uniform of the All Blacks.

In addition to the four Iveco values ​​- Commitment, Reliability, Performance, Team Spirit - Daily 4x4 also inherits the Stralis' product value, the Power, to reaffirm one of the strong points which distinguish the excellence of Iveco engineering solutions.

Power For Daily 4x4, Power means offering the innovative 3-liter EGR engine with a rated power of 176 hp and a maximum torque of 400 Nm An efficient, reliable engine, with an output of power and torque delivery over a wide range of speeds to ensure maximum availability of power in difficult conditions. In practice, the most powerful engine in its class.

The Determination of Daily 4x4 is the sense of responsibility towards the client and its business, without forgetting the comfort and safety for anyone who spends most of his time on the vehicle. The close family relationship between the new Daily and the other vehicles in the Iveco range is evident at a glance: highly ergonomic cabins, driver comfort comparable with road vehicles. But the Daily 4x4 customers are also offered a unique design, because respecting who drives also means to give it a medium in which you can be proud to be seen.

For Daily 4x4 means keeping promises: product reliability, durability and high standards of product safety in every situation. Reliability for the Daily 4x4 also means flexibility for body builder intervention, with the support of a wide range of PTO transmission and transfer case, electric connections for the most varied configurations, and much more .

The Performance of the Daily 4x4 is to support the customer's business value, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs. The strengths of the Daily 4x4 is the possibility to optimize the set-up costs, the downtime for maintenance and optimization of consumption. The electrical system integrated into the new Daily 4x4 chassis has been designed to facilitate the implementation and periodic scheduled maintenance. The timing of periodic maintenance are minimized so that the vehicle spends as much time as possible to work. As the cost of fuel is always a key component of the operating cost, it should be noted that the Daily 4x4 Euro 4 engine returns excellent fuel consumption.

Team spirit
It means working together with the customer throughout the duration of the life cycle of the vehicle during the development of the product, through the work of experienced designers and research centers and development Iveco, involving the customer in the design phase and during the purchase , with the support of skilled dealers and offer financing solutions to meet all the needs of society; during use of the vehicle, through the daily work of a call center operates 24 hours on 24 and 7 days out of 7 , and a network of efficient and widespread service (more than 3,000 service outlets in over 100 countries).