The new Daily 4x4 in detail

With the launch of the new Daily 4x4 and its great success in just over a year after the entry into production, the new Daily family is now complete. The new Daily 4x4 shares many of the characteristics of the Daily, but it also presents many new elements in his capacity as off-road vehicle-specific.

One of the strengths of the new Daily 4x4 that has always been the Daily range, is a separate chassis, which facilitates the construction and robust in every type of mission. The box structure of the front section of the frame to ensure a robust, able to withstand the high stresses imposed by off road more extreme. The axles are mounted on leaf springs, guarantee stability and high articolabilità for traction in challenging off-road conditions.

Cab and Chassis
The cabin of the new Daily 4x4 closely the style of the Daily family, with a frontal of the range of Iveco commercial vehicles. The cab is raised with respect to the frame to avoid impediments to the excursion of the suspension, while the running boards facilitate access to the cab. Another new feature is the front bumper that houses the fog lights and low beams. In addition to the normal and wide-angle mirrors mounted on the side of the cabin, the new Daily 4x4 is equipped with a close proximity mirror on the passenger side, which allows the driver to see obstacles in this blind. The door mirrors are available with short arms, suitable for vehicles 2 meters wide, or with long arms for vehicles up to 2.3 meters wide. The direction indicators are the side mounted mirrors.

On the rear side of the frame there is a device that protects underrun vehicles in the event of rear collision. In order not to compromise the off-road performance, the underrun protection bar can be raised.

Inside the cab is one of the new Daily, ensuring a comfortable ride road vehicle. The new Daily 4x4 in fact typical of the Daily devices, such as the window that is automatically lowered by 12 mm to facilitate the closing of the door. Also new are the handles to which the driver and passengers can get on and off more easily from the cab. The Differential lock switches and transfer box controls are mounted within reach of the driver, as well as compartments for documents and other objects, introduced with the new Daily. DIN slots are included for the radio and tachograph, if required, and an optional third slot in the roof header.

Standard seating comprises a single seat for the driver seat, adjustable to 3 positions, and a dual passenger seat. The seats of the driver and passenger seat belts are equipped with diagonals outside the 3-point with a two-point belt for the middle passenger position, for which you can take an optional 3-point belt. There are also other options for greater comfort, including heated seats and / or suspension for the driver's seat and the single passenger seat.

The heart of the new Daily 4x4 is the 3.0-liter HPT engine. This 16-valve four-cylinder diesel engine, equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger and common rail high-pressure injection, ensures class leading performance. 400 Nm of torque over a range of engine speed from 1250 to 3000 rev / min. and a rated power of 176 hp over a range of engine speed from 3200 to 3500 rev / min. are the best you can find in this class. The engine is certified for the requirements of Euro 4 exhaust emissions, using the system of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to control nitrogen oxides generated by combustion and a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The engine management ensures continuous regeneration of the DPF device even under light load conditions, such as the stationary operation of devices driven by the PTO.

The transmission ZF 6S400 overdrive six-speed transfer case is connected to the Iveco to ensure a continuous four-wheel drive. The box houses a third differential and a differential lock as standard equipment. With the transmission from the box to the front and rear axles you have a torque distribution of 32% on the front axle 25 and 68%, 25 on the rear axle, in order to ensure optimum performance on and off road in all load conditions. The controls on the transfer gearbox ratios, selectable high, low and neutral with the vehicle in motion and, for the conditions on and off road, with the vehicle at rest. This results in a total of 24 forward and 4 reverse.

Powered axles
The axes Iveco engine connected by shafts to the transfer case have a ratio of 4.875:1 final. The rear axle with a differential lock as standard equipment, while the front axle differential lock is available as an option. An auxiliary power unit (APU) differential locks are activated by means of an electro-hydraulic control system. The differential locks can be engaged with the vehicle in motion and off manually; deactivation occurs, however, also in an automatic manner, in function of the vehicle speed.
The power take-off (PTO) is engaged by transmission and transfer case. You can choose from a wide range of PTO available in series production. The PTO transfer box can be used both in static conditions and the vehicle is in motion.

Standard equipment includes 9.5R17.5 road tires, off road tires with 255/100R16 available as an option for models 3.5 t and 5.5 t.

Parabolic leaf springs provide the dual function of positioning axes and suspension of the vehicle. The 3.5 t models use a 2 leaf for the front axle and a 3 leaf pack for the rear, while versions 5.5 t use crossbows 3:04 sheets respectively for the front axle and rear. Hydraulic dampers are used front and rear suspension stabilizer bars and anti roll function. The 3.5 t versions can be specified with the suspension system from 5,5 t to provide a heavy duty.

Braking system
The specification of the braking system is the same for versions 3.5 t and 5.5 t, with set of twin piston disc brakes (diameter 297 mm) for the front axle and drum brakes (diameter 270 mm) for the rear.

Mechanical brake force distribution is present in all models in working with the differential locks. The Antilock Brake System (ABS), standard on 5.5 t versions and optional on 3.5 t versions, provides the electronic distribution of braking force with the differential locks off. The ABS can be deactivated for certain off road conditions.

Electrical system
Daily 4x4 uses the electrical system with CAN architecture introduced with the new Daily with additional functionality to manage the power take-off (PTO) the transfer box and the operation of the differential lock. The electrical system also replicates changes in the instrument cluster and management, door lock and window control are all carried over. The radio controls on the steering wheel is not for the Daily 4x4, as such application is incompatible with the off-road use.

The 110 Ah lead in combination with the 120 A alternator is used as standard equipment with the 140 A alternator available as an option.

The integrated electronic speed limiters are standard equipment. The 3.5 t versions are rated at 110 km / h, with an optional calibration to 120 km / h only available if you use street tires. The 5.5 t models are calibrated at 90 km / h as standard, with optional calibration to 100 km / h with off road tires and 120 km / h with street tires. The 3.5 t and 5.5 t models are both available optionally with limiter adjustable, so you can set intermediate limits based on the bounds of the law.

The cruise control is used for the management of motor speed PTO and is included as standard equipment.