Comfort and safety

At the base of ECODaily there are values ​​such as design , modernity , evolution and intelligence that result in a project that has arisen since the beginning objectives of maximum safety , maximum handling and better quality of life on board for transport professionals .
The vehicle was designed and built taking into account the desires and changing mobility needs of the customer. For this reason, solutions have been adopted "smart " capable of ensuring greater ease of driving and to satisfy a new dimension of commercial vehicle , understood as the pleasure of "stay on board " in its broadest meaning.
One of these solutions is definitely the automated manual gearbox AGile that can be used in sequential or automatic mode and has an advanced management software capable of improving the ergonomics and comfort of driving with great satisfaction of the driver. This allows the driver to take preventative action based on the traffic conditions before the control system of the exchange detects the effects of such conditions , with a more efficient use of the engine brake .
But the place is enhanced onboard comfort is the cabin that expresses excellent quality in all the basic functions of ergonomics : roominess , driving posture , access, visibility and reconfigurability .
To make it especially comfortable working and traveling on board ECODaily contribute the seats comfortable and provide solutions with different configurations of belts for passengers in the event of a double seat . The atmosphere on board is made even more welcoming due to the materials and colors of the interiors . The two-tone dark gray dashboard with a central silver inlay and finish the roof in light gray , which are taken with the same shade of gray from seat covers , give added freshness.
Comfort and also characterize the bridge, which is made more modern by new automotive-type controls visible on the steering column , which also include separate control for the cruise control function . Also new is the instrument panel with improved graphics that has a green stripe on the tachometer to indicate the area in which consumption is optimal and Natural Power versions for a new indicator of the level of the fuel.
The interior space is then even more practical to manage thanks to the numerous storage compartments. The storage capacity of 6 liters placed under the dual passenger seat adds to the large storage compartments of the doors, the dashboard and the pavilion.
ECODaily is a vehicle that provides complete control under all road conditions , a great driving ease and maximum road holding. The set of solutions , the more the individual devices , characterizing it as one of the safest commercial vehicles segment . Security, which is perceived immediately because of the high level of innovation . Not by chance are present among the most sophisticated electronic devices both for the protection of occupants and for the control of the dynamic behavior .
In addition to an excellent braking system ECODaily offers the ESP as standard on all models . It is also equipped with an antilock braking system ABS ensures directional stability under braking and ASR ( anti- slip on the drive wheels during acceleration to improve the cue on slippery surfaces ) . The vehicle also offers the HBA that guarantees optimum braking in emergency conditions and the Hill Holder , which assists the driver in avoiding uphill from a standing start the vehicle from rolling back . The system LAC finally identifies the variations in the mass and the center of gravity of the vehicle along its longitudinal axis and adapts the interventions of the other safety systems ABS , ASR and ESP based on the load . In this way are optimized braking, traction and stability , while also reducing the risk of tipping , with better use of the anti -tilt (Roll Over Mitigation ) and minimizes the wear of the brake pads by optimizing the distribution of forces braking.