Blue & Me, the intelligence of ECODaily

The Blue & Me ™ and Blue & Me Fleet ™ , are evidence that ECODaily has not only the " muscles " but also a " brain." Not content to support the customer by helping him carry heavy loads but always tries to lighten effectively the work of those who choose it as a partner.
Born from the collaboration between Fiat Auto and Microsoft , the Blue & Me ™ has changed the paradigms of communication , information and entertainment to improve comfort and the quality of life on board the vehicle.
The easy to use device allows the first to make / receive calls and listen to music while driving in a simple and safe, and thanks to Bluetooth ® technology allows you to communicate with the outside world through their own personal devices such as mobile phones and handhelds.
Moreover, it is a constantly evolving and supply over the months was completed later by more advanced devices that allow access to the many new features offered by technological progress from a complete multimedia satellite navigation . Not to mention the availability of a set of services that makes it even more comfortable , safe and easy all your journeys .
The 'Blue & Me "offers a sophisticated hands-free system with voice recognition that guarantees maximum driving safety under all conditions and in full compliance with legal requirements. In fact , the system allows a customer with a Bluetooth ® mobile phone to use the phone without ever taking your hands off the steering wheel automatically lowers the radio volume ( if on) and using the stereo speakers to listen to the voice interlocutor.
Among the main feature is the fact that the registration of your phone system is a task that must be done only once. And more: the personal phone book can be transferred to the car, and then is automatically updated whenever the system recognizes the phone.
Privacy is assured as access to the address book is permitted only in the presence of the mobile phone registered with the system . The display on the control panel displays the name or number of the caller if stored in the phonebook and can be formulated as "a voice " by dictating it digit by digit or call pronouncing the name if entered .
Moreover, thanks to a process of advanced voice recognition , do not need any learning stage voice. Not to mention that the device is capable of storing up to 5 mobile phones , allowing immediate use of hands-free to most users of the same vehicle , making it ideal for business use .
Blue & Me Fleet ™ , but it's the telematics package for Iveco fleet management , which was developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Enterprise Services, a world leader in integrated systems and services of type ' wireless ' . The integration of the vehicle's CAN-BUS network and the precise GPS (Global Positioning System ) allows the operator to access information extremely accurate using the web portal FleetVisor ™ Qualcomm based on the Internet. With Blue & Me Fleet ™, you can learn about real-time information on fuel consumption , distance traveled , speed and an identification of the vehicle. You can also do remote downloading of digital tachograph data , obviating the need to have the vehicle physically available for this procedure required by law. With this system ECODaily excels in technological innovation , confirming its vocation to the respect for the driver , guaranteeing greater safety , and the environment , carefully monitoring the vehicles .