The new Stralis briefly

A heavy commercial vehicle is required to perform a wide range of missions, with very different characteristics with regard to their locations (urban, suburban, short / medium / long range), cargo (container, food and perishable goods in general , combustible and hazardous liquids, cars, building materials, etc ...), special applications (temperature-controlled transport, liquids, waste collection, etc ...)

Stralis is a business tool designed to meet every need of heavy transport on wheels ranging from 19 to 44 tons.
The real novelty of the new Stralis is mainly the cabin.

It is the result of work done with determination along with dealers and customers who have participated in its design, to improve the ride comfort and the experience of life on board.
The news can be noticed at first glance. The exterior front cabin offers ample space available for customer personalization.

The grille has a big grill that integrates with newly designed headlights. Large side storage compartments are now present on both sides and with larger doors (by 60% compared to the previous version).

The sides are completely redesigned, allowing the cab of a Stralis CX improved by 2% despite the increase of the living space (1.8 cubic feet more).

The interior cabin climate control system, presents improvements in the quality of the stave beds, enlarged and fitted with aluminum access ladder. The folding table surface increased by 30% compared to the previous version.

The Stralis range is vast, able to satisfy the most varied types of missions.
The possible variations are thousands, with a wide range of pitch selection for excellent body; manual transmissions, automated and automatic; ratios selected for an optimal trade-off between speed and hub pickup.

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