Stralis: heavy at the construction site

The heavy Stralis range, from versions 4x2 and 6x2 tractor cab and up to 4 axes new models cabin 8x2x4 or 8x2x6 with two front axles or rear axles 3, is particularly appreciated in the transport of inert materials on mixed routes in the quarry and road. The brilliant FPT Cursor 8 engine from 310 to 360 hp (from 228 to
265 kW), Cursor 10 from 420 to 450 hp (from 309 to 330 kW) and Cursor 13 engine rated 500 hp (368 kW), all certified EEV, and the engine from 560 hp (412 kW), combined with changes
16-speed manual or automated Eurotronic 12 speeds, provide momentum and ideas ideal for the work that revolves around the quarries and construction sites, as well as cabins
spacious and comfortable varying degrees of Active Day, Active Time, and the spacious version of Active Space. At Bauma 2010 has exposed a Stralis AS260S42 Y / PS 6x2
cab onto which version is installed a crane hook-lift Meiller. The vehicle features the FPT Cursor 10 engine producing 420 hp EEV certified and is equipped with rear air suspension that provides outstanding traction and maneuverability of loading and unloading. In the outdoor area is arranged a Stralis AS320S50 4 axes
X / PS 8x2x6, in version 6 cab exceptional maneuverability with steering wheels powered by a 500 HP Cursor 13 engine, EEV certified.