The model in brief

Since its first version, presented in 1978, the Daily has established new records in anticipation every time the market and becoming the benchmark for innovation in the field of light commercial vehicles.

Ladder frame, rear wheel drive, direct injection turbodiesel, 4x4, intercooler, natural gas engines, cargo area from 17.2 m3 and 210 cm in height, common rail, 6-speed gearboxes and 7 tons of total mass: these are the strong points that summarize the story of an undisputed protagonist of the market for light commercial vehicles, which have been sold over two million copies.

The secret of success of the Daily is in its ability to evolve while remaining himself, confirming the one hand the values ​​that characterize its DNA (reliability, efficiency, versatility of use) and the other continuing to respect the environment, with excellent results also in terms of performance, strength and toughness.
Just this thread, that has marked the history of the vehicle, led to the birth of the New Daily, which is presented with the aim to be, once again, the answer to all the needs of transport professionals.

The New Daily has been completely reworked in the range of its engines. Moreover, the model has always had the reputation as the "champion of mobility" for its ability to deliver reliable, high-performance engines, the fuel economy and low operating costs. Today the New Daily is exceeded, expanding its range of FPT Industrial engines with three important developments:

  • The most powerful diesel engine in its segment 3-liter Euro 5 Twin Turbo 205 hp (150 kW) with a maximum torque of 470 Nm It is the first 4-cylinder diesel engine in its class to exceed the threshold of 200 hp, thanks to the adoption of a new twin-turbocharged inter-cooled.
  • The new engine 2.3-liter Euro 5 146 hp (107 kW) and 350 Nm of torque, with a new variable geometry turbocharger and exclusive MultiJet II technology, which is optimized to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • A new EEV engine, the 3-liter, 146 hp and 370 Nm of torque with variable geometry turbo that completes the offer of engines with particulate emissions levels substantially lower than the homologation standards.

The range also presents the Natural Power version Bifuel, equipped with engine super-ecological EEV and optimized for operation on natural gas, with a small gasoline tank for use in case of emergency. In range, also the version with zero emissions electric motor, designed, manufactured and marketed directly by Iveco.

But that's not all because the driver, as well as enjoy the benefits of these new engines, can improve and optimize your driving style with new technologies such as Start & Stop and GSI (Gear Shift Indicator) through which the driver can better manage driving the vehicle.

Combine these features with the new 6-speed gearbox offered with the 2.3-liter engine, allow a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 10% compared to the previous model.
The New Daily is distinguished by its original shape and balance of the volumes. Its design evokes dynamism, strength and personality, with the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.

A new and improved design makes the New Daily instantly recognizable. The new front has been redesigned to accommodate the new grille, a new cooling system evolved, new headlights that incorporate daytime running lights (DRL) and fog lights with cornering function Fog that allows you to illuminate the road following the turning radius up at a speed of 40 km / h, ensuring greater visibility and safety to the driver.

Power motoring and innovative style, then. The New Daily is synonymous with comfort and driving pleasure. These aspects have been the subject of improvement thanks to a review of the interior of the vehicle. Were introduced to the system of axial adjustment of the steering wheel and a more extensive adjustment of the seat and the backrest, while the shift control has been redesigned to obtain a better maneuverability and reduced intrusiveness to the advantage of the habitability internal. Also new is the key, now in version desmodromic with more than 10,000 combinations to increase protection from theft.

Several configurable storage compartments in the vehicle: among them, a shelf above the windscreen, a large basket of 6 liters under the two-seater bench passenger and a functional shelf, pull-out from the back of the passenger seat, with desk applicable to steering wheel that releases a small compartment to hold your notebook or tablet, like the iPad.

Throughout its history Iveco has always been characterized by the utmost attention paid to safety. The new model retains these features by introducing the ESP 9 of last generation with active sensors which includes, in addition to ABS, EBD, ASR (traction control) and MSR (the control system of the engine torque being released), Hill Holder (the electronic system for hill starts) and LAC (the system of recognition of the longitudinal distribution of the cargo transported), new features such as HFC (the fatigue of the braking system of compensation), RMI & ROM (the mitigation system roll) and TSM (the system of dynamic improvement of the whole vehicle and trailer).

Technological innovation applied to the New Daily has also crop of in the forefront, offering the full range of the Blue & Me ™, the hardware solution designed by Fiat and Microsoft to ensure maximum communication services for those who are behind the wheel , and the Blue & Me Fleet ™, the telematics package for fleet management in collaboration with Qualcomm.

There is also the new TomTom Go Live 1000 last generation, with fluid touch screen 4.7 "with HD Traffic and IQ Routes technology can constantly calculate and recommend the best routes.

Finally, the New Daily is today with a new offering that remains very complex and diverse: in fact, considering the various combinations of chassis, engine and mechanics, you can reach over 7000 different configurations, versions of articulated freight vehicles transport and bases for conversions and bodybuilders. In particular, the range offers vans for transport professionals 8 different volumes, from 7 to 17.2 m3 with payload up to over 4 tons, reaching up to 4.7 ton cab version.

The New Daily adds that, today, a significant date in the history of a model that more than thirty years is undoubtedly at the top of its class and circulating on the roads of more than 160 countries worldwide.