Irisbus Daily: the people carrier synonymous with comfort

Strong quality of the new model, the Daily Irisbus dedicated to passenger transport combines traditional features of the Daily (reliability, maneuverability, comfort, ecology) the benefits of a luxury coaches in the dimensions of a light commercial vehicle.

The large glazed surface, the Daily Irisbus gives you complete command of the road, has a great interior lighting and therefore allows an unprecedented relationship with the surrounding environment. About the many options available, ranging from road glazing with sliding sunroof top, the elegant double glazing views.
But "well-being on board" means also appreciate the convenience of the new bucket seats that are characterized by some peculiarities. Here is a foldaway armrest, with an easy and fast way, you pick up aligning itself to the shape of the seat and the backrest ensures the correct posture and comfort of the passenger, besides being able to be reclined to your liking. For coatings you can choose from velor, leather and different kinds of fabric. Above the seats, bigger overhead storage bins also allow the transport of bulky items, not to mention that the internal height of the pavilion allows people to move around with ease. For greater comfort of travel are available rear air suspension, which reduce the surface roughness. With regard to the climatic comfort are several solutions available: from the installation of air conditioning for the driver to that for passengers with unicast, we finally arrive at the additional heating can deal colder climates.
Daily Irisbus proves a versatile and flexible. The range includes vehicles designed for urban transport and the tourist, with different solutions, from school to the models used for services on call to the transference of luxury.
The walking beam structure with a level floor is the perfect base for any type of construction. To meet all the requirements, there are several versions chassis for installation of car body repairs, configurations shield reduced, alleviated or completely, thanks to the particular strength can reach a GVW of 7t, with a length up to 8.6 me a capacity of 28 passengers seated.

The range offers finally versions equipped with various solutions for the transportation of passengers with disabilities.