Since funding assistance: Iveco services

The commercial transportation professionals seeking comprehensive solutions that meet their productivity needs: therefore, once given the characteristics of the vehicle (cargo capacity, commercial speed, running costs, etc.), the decisive factor in the choice is the quality and by 'offer of services of the network of sales and service.
Iveco has a network of over 2,500 dealers and workshops across Europe - are able to provide to holders of a commercial vehicle service ready, capillary and professional.

The Iveco network uses the most advanced computerized diagnostic tools in the workshop and on the road - as the EASY system that ensures the effectiveness of interventions and minimizing downtime.
In addition, the customer can always count on international multilingual Iveco Customer Centre (operating throughout Europe) that provides telephone assistance for non-stop, every day of the year, 24 hours on 24, in 25 European and non-European countries. Through this call center, the customer comes into contact with specialized operators on the product and services, finding an answer timely and accurate in their own language.
Through the chassis number of the vehicle, the operator identifies in real time the medium and its technical characteristics, note the type of anomaly and organizes the intervention, identifying and calling the nearest workshop and more suitable to be entrusted with the vehicle . 50% of cases are solved within 3 hours of the fault, 80% within 7 hours.
Also, if required, ANS (Assistance Non-Stop) handling perishable / dangerous goods, as well as follow the customer until the completion of the repair of the vehicle through a series of checks telephone.
In addition, the Iveco Customer Centre offers the Windelivery service that helps the customer in case of urgent need of spare parts not available from the dealer or authorized workshop. Thanks to a reliable transport system (by air or by road), retrieves Iveco spare parts from warehouses, suppliers and establishments, and ensure delivery in the shortest possible time. The service is available every day of the year, 24 hours 24, and is activated through a call to the Customer (outside business hours) or directly from the dealer through web-based application which can be accessed. The Iveco Windelivery all European markets and can provide a support network for alternative solutions to highly complex parts.
But the importance of services Iveco seen right from the moment the vehicle. To buy a Daily the customer has various solutions (Financing, Leasing, Contract Hire Package), to choose according to your tax and financial needs. In all these formulas can be integrated maintenance contract for ordinary and / or extraordinary (Full, Drive-line, Eco, Service Only), also valid abroad. This ensures the reduction of down-time and the highest efficiency of the vehicle or fleet management costs with programmable to 100%.