From professionals for professionals

The New Daily is the practical response by industry professionals with other professionals, two business realities that speak the same language and share the same goals. On the one hand, in fact, there is all the expertise and experience in the field of Iveco commercial vehicles and industrial - on the other, the needs of a client requesting reliability, versatility and productivity. It is from this "meeting of minds" comes the new Iveco commercial vehicle.

Offered in versions van, chassis cab and minibus, the New Daily is the most solid and reliable vehicle in its segment. The credit goes to the firm foundations on which the model is based and which are particularly appreciated by customers professional: the support of a ladder-frame chassis; adaptability to the largest number of missions and workshops; thrust of powerful turbodiesel engines, flexible and economical. To which the model has steady flow of new, always maintaining high public attention.
The New Daily qualities and values ​​that are recorded in its DNA, delivering one more truck-like strength in a size that ensures maximum versatility in use urban art engine technology and innovative design.
This amazing ability to evolve while remaining true to itself is the basis of almost thirty years of success in the Daily. Time is the most severe judge: and not one remains at the top for so many years without a winning recipe, and without having the ability to renew it continuously.
Today it's up to the New Daily pick up the baton.

A success story
Briefly retrace the most important stages of the model from 1978 to today has always been known to be the protagonist of the light transport in Europe and in the world.
Right from its launch in 1978, the Daily had chosen a highly innovative - life up to that time only for commercial vehicles: front suspension independent, supporting base frame, longitudinal front engine and rear wheel drive. But these winning characteristics, the new vehicle added a new level of comfort and handling commercial transport.
Thus begins the story of The Daily: It is at the same time the first Iveco light, and the smaller European Truck. It is an unprecedented success: between 1978 and 1995 are produced over 450,000 vehicles. Since the launch, the Daily is the perfect answer for all the missions of light transport.
The other trump card played in recent years by the Daily is the technological and commercial vitality, the result of constant attention by Iveco vehicle development, and which results in the continuous updating of the range, both in terms of body types, both with regard to engines and equipment. In 1985 he made his debut on TurboDaily (equipped with the first "small" European turbodiesel direct injection now in series production) and, at the same time, the launch of military 4x4 version and the first "electric" Daily. In 1989 he made his debut the new Daily range, which is updated in both style, whether in technology, with more powerful engines and a new gearbox. In the same year we introduce the powerful turbocharged intercooled 116 hp. Meanwhile, 1998 saw the launch of the methane gas-powered "Daily CNG" (Compressed Natural Gas), which will remain an exclusive Iveco for years, and is still one of the most environmentally friendly commercial vehicles in the world.
In short, the Daily and Turbo Daily representing all of the years 80 and 90 the flag of excellence, safety, innovation and reliability Iveco in the world. As demonstrated by the opening in 1991 of the first assembly line of Turbo Daily Chinese factories in Nanjing. This is the first fruit of the contract signed in 1986 with Iveco to produce in China, under license of light vehicles with GVW of 3 to 5t.
That brings us to 1996, when he enters the European market, the "New Daily" - second major redesign of the range that confirms the winning features of the previous model: exceptional load capacity provided by the robust chassis frame, excellent traction thanks to rear-wheel drive, front suspension Independent wheel, modern aerodynamic design, engines and mechanical technically advanced, stylish and comfortable cabin.
Three years later, in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, Iveco launched a new range of light vehicles designed for the needs of a wide range of different activities. His name is once again Daily, the definition of a City Truck. It is comfortable, agile and roomy, designed for loading and unloading of goods, designed for extensive use in urban centers. But it is powerful, secure and reliable as its predecessor, appreciated by customers for its intense and prolonged use over time. The direction is the right one: in 2000, the new Iveco commercial vehicle won the prestigious title of "Van of the Year 2000". Not to mention that in 1999, Iveco took for the first time in the light van sector (with GVW of 2.8 t to 3.49), thus completing the product range Daily.
In subsequent years, the Daily evolution unrelenting. This time the center is a new generation of engines: in 2002 their debut versions .10 and .12 HPI HPI, while in October of 2004 arriving to the Daily Daily .17 .14 HPI and HPT, in addition to the Daily AGile version with automatic transmission to exploit in sequential or automatic mode. Also in 2004, Iveco introduced the ESP (Electronic Stability Program).
Each launch The Daily image was modernized with stylistic reaffirming the design as a value characterizing the vehicle.
This policy of continuous innovation has ensured high levels of public and critics: in 2005, the Daily was named "Fleet Van of the Year" by the magazine Motor Transport and "Van of the Year" by the magazine "What Van?"