The new Daily in brief

Since 1978, the Daily has signed the most important innovations of light transport throughout Europe in all of its product generations has in fact set new standards for light commercial vehicles: chassis frame, direct injection turbodiesel, intercooler, natural gas engines, van 17 cubic meter and 210 centimeters in height, common rail and gearbox with 6 gears. In all this he anticipated the market, and set new benchmarks for the competitors.
The New Daily remains unchanged in the mix of technology, durability and quality that has made it so successful amongst professionals, and takes the opportunity of the launch of Euro 4 engines offer the market completely renovated in style and content.
Today, once again, the Daily offers its customers "substance" declined in all fields, without compromise: it has a look ("designer" Giugiaro), which enhances the personality and enriches the prestige, with a range of engines unique in its class to power and flexibility with a cockpit packed with innovation and advanced technical solutions.
Daily The secret of success is in its ability to "evolve remaining himself" - confirming the values ​​inherent in its DNA (reliability, efficiency, versatility in use) and again offering solid answers to the new demands of professional transport, engine technology the highest level of innovative design. Therein lies the basis of his "business credibility" is why every 5 minutes, in the world, a customer buys a Daily.
The new model has all the ingredients to continue to be competitive.
In fact, the New Daily is the result of a dialogue between two interlocutors who speak the same language: on the one hand, there are the needs of customers seeking reliability, versatility and productivity on the other we have the expertise and the ' experience amassed by Iveco in the field of commercial and industrial vehicles.
Thanks to a chassis frame, adaptability to various missions and bodies and turbo diesel engines powerful, flexible and economical, the New Daily is the light commercial vehicle preferred by transport professionals (both goods and people).
Offered in versions van, chassis cab and minibus, the new Iveco vehicle combines the robustness and functionality of a truck-setting performance and maneuverability of a much lighter vehicle. All wrapped up in an innovative style.
Today, the New Daily once more ahead of its time and picks an emerging trend in the world of transport, especially light: Giorgetto Giugiaro has given rise to a fluid line that combines an aggressive front, a side clean and redesigned tail. All embellished with some new elements such as, for example, the mask that accentuates the Iveco family feeling; spoiler with air vents on the roof, which incorporates the third brake light and the illumination of the load, and the new headlights and rear.
Always "champion of mobility", the New Daily retains its classic rear-wheel drive and numerous changes to the engines (all Euro 4). For example, the 2.3-liter engine is equipped with variable turbine geometry, while the 3-liter engine (available in all versions, including MPV) have increased torque and power. Version 3.0 HPI now offers 146 hp and 350 Nm is even more significant increase of 3.0 HPT, which rises to an impressive 176 hp with 400 Nm of maximum torque consistently from 1,250 to 3,000 rpm (best-in-class) . All this makes the top of the daily range of the vehicle far more elastic in its class.
Innovative styling and power motoring, then. The New Daily is synonymous with comfort and ergonomics. The new cab also designed by Giugiaro, improves the ergonomics of the movements of the driver and the ease of crossing, thanks to the exchange rate at the center of the dashboard and the new brake lever, which is shorter with the same effort required. The new seats are more comfortable and snug, and the interior is comfortable and easy to manage thanks to the numerous storage compartments. Driving comfort and travel is completed by features such as parking sensor, the lighting system of the cargo area integrated with the third brake light in the rear spoiler and auxiliary heater with timer for programmable activation. The ride quality is the one that the Daily has accustomed its customers is a champion in terms of road holding and handling, its ability to absorb bumps and easy to maneuver - qualities that make it suitable for any mission, on highway and in the mountains, on the mixed and in urban traffic. About independent front suspension combined with the robust telaistica of the vehicle and the rear beam axle drive.
For several years, Iveco is proposing a new way of conceiving the commercial vehicle, more and more attentive to safety and protect the environment. The New Daily improves its braking system: version 3.5t (class S), due to the enhanced disc brakes goes from 100 to 0 km / h in just 42 meters. Not only that. The New Daily can be equipped with ABS / EBD and, as with the previous model, the latest generation ESP (ESP8) with integrated ASR. In addition to driver's airbag, standard on Combi passenger transport, the new Iveco vehicle may be equipped with an airbag for the passenger and window airbags.
From the protection of the driver and passengers to environmental protection. The New Daily also its ecological vocation: all new range of engines meet Euro 4 with only the use of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) without particulate filter light duty versions, to meet special standards restrictive measures taken in some urban centers, all Daily vehicles are equipped with a filter for the removal of the articulated (DPF). The 6.5-tonne for transporting people have the DPF as standard.
At these winning characteristics, the New Daily elements of innovation aimed at continually improving the level of reliability: for example, the electric and electronic generation, based on the innovative CAN-BUS. Compared to traditional wiring, is characterized by greater simplicity and a reduced number of connections, a better interface for diagnostics and new features in line with latest developments in the automotive world (from the navigation system, radio with MP3 player to Bluetooth hands-free system ).
The objectives reliability and better working conditions for professionals inspired the search for quality in every detail: how the new locking of the rear doors and the system of suspended sliding side door.
The great competence and territorial structure of the network of sales and service Iveco (2,000 + points only in Europe), it remains a staple in addition to new products. The Iveco network has always been distinguished by the level of professionalism and services - from finance to service contracts, from assistance to the rapid international multilingual Customer Centre.
Transport professionals, with Iveco Daily offers one of the widest and most articulate ranges of the segment.
The range consists of three classes (depending on the gross vehicle weight): L, S and C, each available in a van or chassis cab. Each class corresponds to a very specific type of clientele and needs - to which there are 5 motor power, several steps, heights, lengths, volumes and configurations to the side and rear doors.
A total of approximately 2,500 possible variants - able to respond promptly to customer inquiries.
The New Daily is the best choice for industry professionals, the development of a consistent winning pattern: a confirmation of this, on roads all over the world circulates more than one million Daily.