Versatility and robustness for business

Robust and reliable as only a manufacturer of industrial means can guarantee: Iveco Daily adopts a ladder-frame chassis that provides structural stiffness, fatigue resistance and durability.

The New Daily is synonymous with quality and reliability thanks to strict design choices, many of which are "not visible": think about the complete redesign of the electrical system that today is characterized by the innovative CAN-BUS architecture.
Compared to traditional wiring, this system presents a scheme more linear, requires a smaller number of connections (a reduction of about 30%), improves and facilitates diagnostics off-board and on-board and adds new functionality in line with future developments in the automotive world. The CAN-BUS also increases the versatility of the legendary Daily: thanks to the availability of specific connectors, the new system will be able to interface with all types of construction - from the tow truck to tow the fridge, the camper to the minibus.

The new displays will communicate the status of the vehicle and travel information via the trip computer. There are new radio (with MP3 player) and, from the end of 2006, a navigator fixed double DIN slot (allowing you to adopt a large screen), a hands-free system with Bluetooth technology which ensures maximum safety of driving in all conditions. The device is integrated into the dashboard and allows the customer with a Bluetooth mobile phone to use the phone even if it is in the pocket of a jacket or a bag, it automatically lowers the radio volume and using the stereo speakers to listen to the voice. It also offers the opportunity to read the book on the vehicle display.

The New Daily has also been the subject of a set of interventions to improve the real and perceived quality. Starting with the new and more efficient system of closing of the rear doors, to continue with the new fuel tanks that provide excellent ground clearance more than 200 mm and concluding with the new side door with sliding system in suspension ( which ensures great reliability and requires less effort for opening and closing).