The Trakker range in brief

Founded in 1993, the range of mining and construction vehicles Iveco Trakker adopted by the end of 2000 the engines Cursor 8 and Cursor 13. Today, assumes the new name of the cab and buy Trakker Stralis AT / AD. Drivers will benefit from the progress made on road vehicles Iveco on comfort and soundproofing. Thanks to the electronic systems of information transmission and orders, the driver has accurate data to improve guidance, with rationally distributed controls and security features optimized. The three cab variants - short, long and raised - can satisfy all the conditions of use.  

The other innovations
In addition to the HV / AD, the main novelty of the Trakker concern:

  • The air suspension on the rear tandem, in alternative to the geometries semi-elliptic and parabolic, to the advantage of mobility on land less compact and comfort on the road, especially in vacuum.
  • The range even more extensive, divided into 60 4x2 trucks, 4x4, 6x4, 8x4 and 8x8 of which 14 specifically designed for installations "cement mixer", to which are added 17 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6.
  • A device for electronic management of take-offs, which allows you to program up to a maximum of three on the same vehicle.

Not to mention the strengths that have led to the success of the previous range:

  • Two families of different products for engines, chassis, suspension and rear tandems. The first family improves the payload, in strict compliance with legislation heavyweights. To this end, mainly adopts the Cursor 8 (Cursor 13 is still available when you need a power level higher) and lightweight components. The second family favors instead the strength, thanks to the Cursor 13 engine and components with very high safety coefficients.
  • Two six-cylinder engines in the Cursor family: the 7.8 liter Cursor 8 engine with power outputs of 270, 310 and 352 hp, and the 12.9 liter Cursor 13 engine with a power of 380, 440 and 480 hp. These two engines share the same architecture, with a variable geometry turbocharger, with the exception of the Cursor 13-380 CV, with adjustment of the boost pressure via valve "waste-gate". The Cursor 8 and Cursor 13 have common features, especially popular in the yard, a high torque at low engine speeds, useful for hill starts, the wider engine speed range of the maximum torque and maximum power available since the mid range for a Driving elastic and tear on rough terrain.
  • A series of engine retarder whose stopping power is between 310 hp (Cursor 8) and 408 hp (Cursor 13).
  • Gearboxes EuroTronic (optional) 12-speed with automatic clutch and postings, for departures progressive and extremely fast gear changes.
  • The arrangements on the frame and the wide range of optional factory, able to simplify the assembly of outfits and equipment. This is the case, for example, of power take continuous placed in the rear of the Cursor engines, for the hydraulic actuation of concrete mixers.

In summary, in the field of frames, axles and suspensions, Trakker they use a proven technology for decades in the field of vehicles "off-road", designed to operate in extreme load conditions. The modern concept engine allows you to always ensure top performance, coupled with unmatched reliability.

The owner will appreciate the time savings of money under construction of the vehicle operating economy of the Cursor engines Euro 3, the speed and reliability in the diagnostic maintenance, thanks to systems Modus and IWT, developed by Iveco. Not to mention the strength of the steel bumper subdivide into various elements for easy replacement.

The driver will appreciate the comfort of the AT / AD and ease of driving of the Trakker.